Effective weight loss techniques: Positive mindset and rich food habits

By: Dr Ayesha Saleem      Published: 05:57 PM, 23 Oct, 2020
Effective weight loss techniques: Positive mindset and rich food habits

The weight loss journey is not a horror story. Instead, it is a person's ambition that matters.

Whenever we want to make a start of anything, the key is to change our mindset. Achieve positivity level that ultimately leads us towards success.

Adopting weight loss strategies goes with a number of myths. Some people encourage you over something and others put your level down with their own ideas and knowledge.

Take a step to indulge in a healthy life by running with these effective weight loss techniques and tips.

Keep an eye on food labels

This will make you aware of the calories you take. You will be able to recognize the nutrient content of the food product by which you can select healthier food options.

Take healthy breakfast 

Nutrients-rich breakfast is best to keep yourself active the whole day. Taking breakfast in the morning keeps you satisfied and don’t allow the body to take extra calories throughout the day. Taking eggs, bran cereals, fat-free yogurt, nuts, dried fruits, bran bread and a vegetable sandwich can be the best option.

Keep the dining table full of vegetables and fruits

For better health, your diet needs to be full of vegetables and fruits as they are having no fat content. Salad with every meal can be the best option for everyday intake. One serving of any seasonal fruits after the meals can be the best option to fulfil your needs

Drink more water 

Taking water before meals help to suppress the appetite and it also helps to burn more calories. Warm water is best to take for the whole day and try to take 8 to 10 glasses daily

Avoid sugary and refined products

Canned Fruit juices and carbonated beverages have a high content of sugar. Desserts, bakery products biscuits pastries, muffins and chocolates should be avoided.

Use herbs and spices

Any dish can never be wonderful without adding herbs to them and spices not only add flavours to food but also boost up your metabolism and promote the feeling of fullness.

Cut down JUNK and fried products

Junks and oily food items not only just harm for weight management but also can lead to metabolic syndromes like CVD, diabetes hypertension etc.

Control your portion size

Eating without looking at your quantity means one meal can disrupt your overall diet. To keep yourself on track with for losing weight you need to take a meal in the controlled portion that not only fulfils your requirement but also doesn’t contribute towards gaining fats.

Take foods rich in fibre content

Fibre-rich foods like whole wheat grains fruits veges lentils nuts etc enhance your satiety level so you can eat less with these options.

Drink green tea

It has caffeine and catechins (antioxidants) that work together and helps in losing weight effectively 

Make yourself physically active

Besides house chores, it’s important for everyone who wants to lose fat to exercise for 1 to 2 hours daily. This will strengthen your body and you will lose extra fat deposits that you have gained in years.

Take good sleep

For a healthy mind and body getting complete sleep time is important because. Disturbed sleep patterns lead to hormonal change and obesity.

The writer is a Doctor of Nutrition Sciences.

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Dr Ayesha Saleem

The writer is a Doctor of Nutrition Sciences.