Late Inder Kumar was victim of nepotism in Bollywood, says wife

By: News Desk      Published: 08:55 PM, 24 Jun, 2020
Late Inder Kumar was victim of nepotism in Bollywood, says wife

Late actor Inder Kumar’s wife Pallavi Kumar shared a long Instagram post on how her husband had been a victim of Bollywood nepotism, before mysteriously making her account private, reported IANS.

On the account named unfathomable.9, which is not verified, Pallavi has also shared a picture of Inder along with superstar Shah Rukh Khan. In the image, the two can be seen shaking hands.

Alongside the image she wrote: “These days everyone is talking about.. Nepotism....Just like Sushant Singh Rajput my husband late actor Inder Kumar achieved his fame on his own. He was at a peak in 90s.”

She recalled Inder meeting two “big shots”, before he died of cardiac arrest in 2017.

“Before he passed away I still remember he went to 2 people big shots asking for work as help. Just for the record he was already doing small projects. But he wanted to do big movies just like he started. He went to Mr. Karan Johar, I was there too. In front of me all happened. He made us wait outside his van for 2 hrs. Then his manager Garima comes and says Karan is busy. But we waited and wen he came out, he says Inder keep in touch with Garima at the moment there is no work for you, (sic)” Pallavi wrote.

She recalled how filmmaker Karan Johar “blocked” Inder.

“And Inder did that... for the next 15 days ... the fone was picked up saying there is no work at the moment... After that Inder was blocked.”

Pallavi said the same behaviour was given to Inder by Shah Rukh Khan.

“He met Inder and said he will call you in a week. At the moment there is no work. This all happened on the set of Zero. Later (he) was even asked to keep in touch with his manager Pooja... she did the same wat Garima did.... Can one imagine and believe dat there has not been any work available in these two production houses,” she stressed.

She questioned as to why such big personalities find it difficult to help “talented people”.

“Karan Johar has said many times he works with stars... well my husband was a star ... still people remember him by his work. Why is it so difficult for these big shots to help talented people. What are they scared of? Or we can just say they are bad human beings... Pretending to be nice.”

She asserted that an end should be put on nepotism.

“Nepotism should stop... people are dying and these big shots are still not understanding the effect. Government should take strict action against such people.”

On June 15, after the untimely demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Pallavi shared a picture collage of featuring Sushant and Inder.

She wrote: “A biggest laugh to Bollywood from my side. Since 2 days I see people saying that this industry is very helpful. But one has to fight his or her own problems.

“Suicide is not an answer.... nor is heart attack.... Really !!!!!! Can anyone please answer that when he or she tries to fight their problems .... goes to people of the industry asking for help....Then why nobody helps...”

“Situation of their problems make them beg... tab bade log kyu nahi help karte.... aisa toh nahi hai ki help karne se unka career khatam ho jayega.... (why don’t big personalities help at that’s not that their careers will be over by helping others) that time why can’t they be only Human....and show some humanity.”

Pallavi said that she herself has suffered the pain. “And have been the eye witness to the unhelpful attitude of Bollywood.”