Ali Zafar feels current showbiz industry lacks ‘warmth’

By: News Desk      Published: 11:47 AM, 24 May, 2021
Ali Zafar feels current showbiz industry lacks ‘warmth’

One of the most accomplished singers of Pakistan, Ali Zafar shared his reservations regarding the ‘cold’ and ‘bitter’ exchange of behaviour which has now become the norm in the Pakistani showbiz industry.

Ali Zafar is exceedingly talented and we all know that however if we contemplate his creativity to the maximum, there is a depth to the singer’s mental capacity and he is a keen observer.

At the set of The Epic Show, Ali Zafar couldn’t contain himself from sharing his two cents regarding the negativity clouding the showbiz industry currently.

He believes that the industry has changed for the worse which he had to acknowledge with a heavy heart.

Ali talked about the time when members of the industry portrayed affection and love towards each other.

When everyone cared and indulged in healthy conversations.

He reflected over the period when casual gatherings used to take place and people exchanged streams of thoughts without hostility and pride getting dominant.

The distressed singer admitted that now the professionals are involved in showing a cold and unbothered front.

Ali blamed the cause of this change over social media further explaining that ‘privacy’ is given the most priority now due to the fear of judgement and rejection.

The artist declared over the set, “I think the industry is not the same like it was earlier and I am saying it with a heavy heart. There was a time people had warmth and affection but now that has changed negatively”.

He further mentioned, “There was a time celebrities used to sit together in casual gatherings, they used to meet without ego and pride but now it is not like that. There has been a constant cold and bitter behaviour between the professionals”.

“I think that one of the main reason for this change is social media. People have decided to stay private because they think that they will be judged ultimately through their gatherings, viewpoints and friends”. 

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