United Nations failing to keep nations united

By: Dr Asif Channer      Published: 09:46 PM, 24 Oct, 2020
United Nations failing to keep nations united

October 24, 1945 was the nastiest day in the history of mankind when the worst terrorist organization of all ages, the United Nations Organization (UNO) was rooted. It is responsible for killing of thousands of innocent people using different regimes, justifications and modus operandi to achieve the targets of “the unknowns” by genocide, ethnic and religious cleansing and imposing unnecessary sanctions. It has been using different nomenclature, sometimes it uses the name of anti-terrorism campaigns, searches for weapons of mass destruction and sometimes movements to restrict or limit the nuclear proliferation programs. It also has been serving as a tool of the superpowers grabbing global natural resources like oil, minerals, markets, trade &commerce, deep waters etc. to maintain their dominance and to monopolize the international political economy

Apparently, it was established after the world war II to bring the peace prosperity, integrity and to prevent the war and hostilities among all nations but unfortunately, even after the 75 years of its existence this global forum has been failing to keep the nations united and its attitude is unbearable for the developing regions and the Muslim world.

This forum is just a show of the major powers of the world to use this forum for their own interests and dominance. It has never been impartial and neutral, the “superpower “is dominant over it rather the decisions made by this power are being superimposed on the UNO. The decision made by the Uno are violated by aforesaid superpower totally and are always antagonistic to the Uno charter.

The UNO has a hybrid face, the face for the powerful countries is totally different than the face for the oppressed nations therefore its strategies and preference are not homogenous for the whole world. Uno has always been exploited by the “actors”. This organization is polarized in its policymaking, implementation and follow up throughout its history. All the organs and bodies of the United Nations have become politicized and influenced by veto powers at a rapid pace than the speed of light, hence it has lost faith, trust and hope of the oppressed, underdeveloped and unvoiced regions of the world. It is no more the voice of the unvoiced rather it is the voice of the voiced.

UNO has been proved to be the major terrorism-sponsoring agency promoting and patronizing the terrorism and human rights violations directly or indirectly through the omnipotent veto powers along with other “Actors”

Instead of focusing, it has been diverting its attention away from the serious human rights violations in the world especially in the Indian held Kashmir which are being committed uninterruptedly since 1947 but aggravating since August 2019 to date by the Indian army. Thousands of besieged innocent people including children and women have lost lives, women have been raped and tortured, and the youth has been treated brutally and public victimized by pallets guns turning people to permanent disability. This gross human rights violations has been reported by the different human rights organizations but amazingly no single action or notice has been taken by the United Nations which suggests that Uno is in deep narcosis and its passed resolutions over Kashmir issue have been buried in its coffin.

This may be labelled as Uno sponsored state terrorism, in addition, the palatine is smouldering over the many decades, there is crisis after crisis in the middle east, the situation in Asia needs no mention, the central Asian region has made the history of the visible torment, the situation in Africa also have been disappointing. The Uno has lost its senses over these serious issues.

The Muslim world has always been ignored and mutilated by this organization. The worst human right violations have been witnessed by the world in the abetment of the UNO. The situation in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon Iran Iraq Afghanistan and Myanmar is awaiting its urgent consideration.

It is reiterated that the issues of the Arab world, the Muslim world and oppressed third world developing regions have been deteriorating intentionally and at present, the United Nations has no solutions nor want to solve the chronic and acute problems of these regions. It has to create a distance between the east and west than drawing them closer and safer.

There are fewer achievements in its credits than the expectations and mandates it has. It has failed to control crimes, drugs, weapons, human rights violations, women and child protection, human and drug trafficking, sexual assaults, violence &rapes, child sex abuse, minorities’ rights hunger and poverty and challenges of universal education and health periodization. Environment integration, pollution corruption and money laundering. It is also serving as a nucleus for hate and war crimes.

The veto powers have created multiple irreparable holes and pores in the umbrella of the United Nations. From the north to the south pole it has failed in maintaining peace prosperity, global integrity and solidarity and balance of power. All the think tanks of the United Nations have been incapacitated and handicap.

All these events reflect its image as sophisticated terrorism promoting institution patronizing terrorism and torture in the world hence it is no more needed. It is now a burdensome institution overloading humanity. The Regions, Nations can survive and grow better without UNO.

The world is at the threshold of decisive war in which no one would survive to be claimed victorious even the survivals of the fittest would not be possible if the aggressive remedial and reconciliatory steps are not taken by UNO scriptwriters but unfortunately, this threat alert is being underestimated.

Currently, the major changes are required in UNO with revision of regional and international issues with sincere efforts, without bigotry, indiscrimination on the basis of colour, race, gender regional region are needed to solve these issues, the changes in the all organs of the UNO especially the security council with more inclusion more members with a wide representation of the countries is mandatory permanent remembered of the security council it is strange to witness that despite the presence of the UNO both the chronic and the acute problems of the world exist as such some over the many decades this puts the many silent queries in the performance and vigilance of UNO and creates doubts about the impotency of organization.

At present, the charter of the United Nations has become the mortar for nations. The smart and the effective changes are inevitable in the united nation for the survival of the humans and humanity, amazingly UNO itself is the major hurdle in the achievement of the strategic development goals as laid down.

It is the right time to handle the ongoing global and regional issues and to address the unaddressed issues.  

The theme for 2020 should be “Remind the United Nations it's Charter and Resolutions, Aims and Objectives, Roles and Responsibilities towards the Chronic and Acute Issues threatening Global Peace fortune”

Uno must be a responsive organization responding to all minor to major issues of nations effectively, efficiently and timely. It must reorient itself to bond the humans and humanity together to bring about sustainable global peace, prosperity and synergy. Wake up United Nations, wake up before it is too late.

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Dr Asif Channer

The write is a doctor and serving as a DEO at the Rescue 1122, Bahawalpur.