Sarah Khan takes on the job to convey random ‘love messages’ to sister Noor 

By: News Desk      Published: 02:38 PM, 24 Sep, 2021
Sarah Khan takes on the job to convey random ‘love messages’ to sister Noor 

One of the most stunning celebrity sister-duo of the nation, Sarah Khan and Noor Khan are immensely adored by the general population however Mrs. Falak has now decided to be her sister Noor’s ‘post-woman’.

A certain netizen who it seems couldn’t convey his profession of love to actress Noor Khan himself, decided to approach actress Sarah and asked her to convey to her sibling that he is head over heels in love with her.

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A certain norm has emerged on the internet and we are sure many have observed it by now which is actors of the nation indulging in mindless humour with their fans. How? Well the celebrities now respond to some of the popular comments on their post with an amusing comment and the exchanges which take place sometimes are quite heart-warming.

This time, Sarah Khan has responded to the fan wanting the actress to convey his love message to her sister with such a simple response yet the simplicity of the comment stating ‘ok’ has managed to crack us up.

Sarah Khan didn’t say no to the obsessed lover in fact she said ‘ok’ which might be just be sarcasm coming from Sarah’s end however we are sure that the renowned star will definitely tell her sister about this interesting fan moment.

Sarah Khan is a renowned Pakistani actress who is married to another popular singer known as Falak Shabir. The actress shares an inspiring bond with her better half and the couple make sure to reveal to the world of how affectionate they are towards each other. 

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Sarah Khan is expecting and the latest update from the couple’s end featured a nursery tour. The tour highly pointed towards a speculation that Sarah Khan might be expecting a girl.