Hareem Shah refuses to reveal details about her ‘baby’ 

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 12:29 PM, 24 Sep, 2021
Hareem Shah refuses to reveal details about her ‘baby’ 

Our favourite TikToker Hareem Shah has taken to her Instagram handle in order to profess her reservation regarding revealing details about her ‘baby’.

Latest update from the renowned TikToker’s end reveal a mature man standing with a meek expression while also donning a white ‘shalwar kameez’.

Hareem Shah’s massive fan following is yearning to find out the identity of the man showcased by the TikTok personality on her Instagram handle quite frequently whose nicknames range from ‘my life’ to ‘my baby’, ‘my honey’ is yet to make an appearance however we are fully convinced that this nickname will be given to the man very soon.

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Previously, Hareem Shah uploaded a video on her social media account which featured another social media star Sundal Khattak. Both of the ladies got very intimate during the video clip and ended up kissing each other right on the lips.


Hareem Shah who had been on an extensive honeymoon to Turkey lately with an anonymous husband previously had shook the internet with revealing that she has tied the knot with a PPP leader however the internet sensation was reluctant to reveal her better half’s identity, maybe requested by the man himself?

Various pictures/videos had been emerging on the internet from Hareem’s end which showcased her honeymoon experience in Turkey consisting of a lot of sheesha sessions and shopping sprees.

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Out of the blue then Hareem shared a picture of a man on her Instagram handle on whose shoulder the TikToker was resting her head and she captioned the post: “My life.”

Now this made social media users speculate the man’s identity and whether he is Hareem’s anonymous husband or some lover of the moment.


Pictures of the man who Hareem never fails to label with interesting nicknames has been getting featured a lot on her Instagram lately.

In the caption of the latest feature of her ‘baby’, Hareem has revealed that she doesn’t want to put forward any kind of details about the mysterious man at the moment. 

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Quite frankly, one may not understand the reason behind so much secrecy and Hareem’s desire to spread curiosity among her fans.