Hareem Shah crosses boundaries with ‘flow with the moment’ kiss to friend Sundal

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 11:30 AM, 23 Sep, 2021
Hareem Shah crosses boundaries with ‘flow with the moment’ kiss to friend Sundal

TikToker Hareem Shah who claims to be a married woman has uploaded a video on her Instagram handle which features Hareem and another TikTok personality Sundal Khattak getting ‘intimate’ together.

Hareem has taken to her social media account in order to post an update which has the background music revolving around lyrics: ‘Kitna anokha bandhan hai yeh’ while Hareem has succumbed to crossing boundaries in order to make the headlines, maybe?

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The video starts with Hareem and her ‘girlfriend’ Sundal sitting on what it seems like a bed together while they face the camera. With showcasing gleeful smiles, both the ladies start singing to ‘Kitna anokha bandhan hai yeh’ and soon after they kiss each other right on the lips. 

Hareem it seems has a steadfast attachment with the TikTok star Sundal Khattak because while observing the video, Hareem handles her lady partner with immense affection. 

It seems that by running the ‘Kitna anokha bandhan hai yeh’ music in the background, both of the social media personalities want to convey that they share an intimate bond and also by indulging in a pecking on the lips encounter, Hareem and Sundal have proved that there is nothing which can stop the social media personalities from bagging views.


In the comment section of the post, Sundal has commented: “I love you” while Hareem has reciprocated her passionate remark with “Love you too.”

In another video, Hareem Shah is sitting in what it seems like a café with the anonymous man who she has claimed to be her ‘life’. The TikToker and her ‘life’ are enjoying which by the looks of it seems to be the only thing Hareem likes to do these days: Sheesha sessions.

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The background music for this particular video clip is: ‘I love you baby’ and as soon as Hareem turns the camera towards her lover, he is spotted saying ‘I love you’ to Hareem in return.