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Alizeh Shah’s overpowering affection gets no reciprocation

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Nursery tour – Is Sarah Khan expecting a girl?

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Child in Saba Qamar comes out and performs Michael Jackson’s moonwalk

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Alizeh Shah uses her car ride for shooting a flirtatious video 

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Hareem Shah from hospital to the parking lot dancing with tourist women 

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Naughty Alizeh Shah winks right at you in latest video

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Hareem Shah falls down TERRIBLY while enjoying kids slide

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Ayesha Omar talks about the most traumatic phase of her life 

Posted 12:34 PM, 31 Aug, 2021

Ertugrul’s Aykiz looks MAGNIFICIENT during her beach trip 

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Party girl Hareem Shah enjoys belly dancing in buzzing Turkey restaurant 

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Junaid Safdar takes wife Ayesha to PLAYGROUND for first outing after marriage

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Is TOP actress Hira Mani feeling helpless in front of her LITTLE kids?  

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Hareem Shah dances like a MADWOMAN in office

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Daredevil Alizeh Shah back to rocking a bob

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Social butterfly Hareem Shah becomes expert at consistent SHEESHA sessions 

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Alizeh Shah looking like a dream girl in traditional black dress

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Hareem Shah does the raft dance on Antalya adventures

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Hareem Shah roaming on colourful bike, channelling her inner kid  

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Nimra Khan emerges STRONGER from crises 

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Sanam Chaudhry takes EPIC revenge from husband 

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Ertugrul’s Selcan Hatun wishes Bala Hatun on her birthday  

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Hareem Shah indulging in heavy PDA during honeymoon 

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Alizeh Shah’s ‘chador cladden’ pictures SCARES netizens  

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Maya Ali shares story of successful Hunza female entrepreneur 

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Amna Ilyas’ rendition of ‘player’ earns her a slap 

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Maya Ali is having time of her life with GOAT shoot-partner 

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