Cosmetics sale down, alcohol demand up

By: News Desk      Published: 01:10 PM, 25 Apr, 2020
Cosmetics sale down, alcohol demand up

The coronavirus pandemic and the resultant lockdown have changed our lives and of course the lifestyle. Our needs and priorities are obviously upside down.

With spending more time indoors and that too at home, people don’t need to worry about looks. And even when we are outside, the masks or whatever face-covering we are using there is very little need for special care to look attractive.

So what is the net effect? A recent report by IRI says the cosmetics sales in the United Kingdom slid by a third in the week to April 5.

An earlier report said the cosmetics sale had reduced by up to 80 percent in China in the month of February; however, the trend was reduced to 20 percent in March as more and more people returned to work.

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This trend isn’t a surprise as the beauty salons, nails bars and barbershops are also closed worldwide.

But the things are beginning to return to normal for some, as Denmark became the first country to lift the ban on barbershops and beauty salons as the country managed to see a major decline in the new coronavirus infections and the number of active cases.

Meanwhile, some US states – including Georgia – have decided to open these businesses despite the fact that the number of new cases and deaths are witnessing an increase.

And talking of the US, the Americans are resorting to more consumption of wine which, according to market research and analysis firm Nielsen, is up 32 percent in the week ending on April 4 when compared to sales data from the same time in 2019.

A similar trend is visible in the case of beer and others, as Nielson reported that online alcohol sales were up 243 percent.

Meanwhile, the consumption of alcohol continues to witness strong growth in the UK.

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