Let’s shed some weight this Ramazan, shall we?

By Iqra Ejaz

March 25, 2023 02:37 PM

We do understand that shedding pounds can prove to be fairly impossible for some people due to the fact that there is so much information regarding weight loss that is available on the internet, which can end up being utterly confusing, as each body is unique and can only shed kilograms in its own specific course of action.

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However, there are some factors, which if followed with conviction, can prove to be exceptionally helpful, while one is trying to get lean. 

We will be providing our beloved readers with some generalized tips however let’s be wise and make the most out of Ramazan 2023 by losing 5 kgs at least! Let us guide you how:

First and foremost, you need to drink an adequate amount of water if you want to properly execute your weight-loss journey.

We would recommend our readers to start the day with two glasses of warm water and if you are not a fan of water, concoctions of ginger shots can be prepared and stored in advance. 

It is quite simple to make ginger shots and the beneficial drink works wonders for the immune system, basically, if taken right after one gets up in the morning, the shot helps in clearing out toxins that accumulate during the night, and also helps in boosting overall functionality, meaning that the drink can spectacularly aid in the process of losing weight.

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Here’s how you can prepare a ‘Ginger shot’: All one needs to do is blend some ginger root and lemon water from freshly squeezed lemons together until smooth. Strain well and voila, your ginger shot is ready!

Let us inform you that drinking an adequate amount of water during the month of Ramazan is extremely necessary.

You do have to understand that during Ramazan, we deprive ourselves of drinking enough water which can lead to our bodies begging us to feed them some H2o therefore after breaking the fast, please make sure to drink as much water as you can. 

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The question of whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day is debatable however it is quite probable that when one starts their day with a hearty breakfast, the person will tend to feel hunger more than those days when breakfast is chosen to be skipped,

We would definitely recommend you to not neglect breakfast, as the meal gives us ample energy to carry out everyday tasks.

Let us suggest some healthy breakfast options which are not calorie-dense and super fast to whip up as well:

Boiled eggs (however please note that egg yolks might not be the healthiest therefore one can separate the egg yolks from the eggs once they have been boiled).

A fruit bowl comprising of fruits that are considerably low in natural sugar, such as apples.

An egg white omelet, cooked with some olive oil (just to grease the pan). The meal doesn’t have to be boring and can be prepared using scallions, olives, tomatoes, and green chilis. 

Also, do not forget the seasoning!

The breakfast options mentioned above can also be consumed during ‘Sehri’. There are low-fat yogurts available in the market that can definitely be incorporated during Suhoor.

For lunch, we would recommend you to have something light but filling. 

As having no carbohydrates in dinner can prove to be quite favorable, one can definitely include carbohydrates in their afternoon meal. 

However please avoid excessive usage of oil, sugary drinks, processed food, fast food, and desserts. Also incorporating exercise three times a week can have an excellent impact on your weight loss efforts.

It is highly advised to avoid fried items during Iftar along with sugary drinks. 

Break your fast with lighter yet nutritious options such as chickpea salad, fruit salad (sans sugar), hummus with apple sticks, or maybe even a bowl of vegetable soup?

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Yes, you would definitely have to skip ‘pakoras’. 

During dinnertime, having a protein-dominated meal can prove to be beneficial, such as chicken however let’s avoid carbohydrates (rice, bread, etc) during dinner, shall we?

Eating should be stopped at 8 PM if one wants to see quick results as it is advised to always have the last meal of the day two hours before bed.

In Ramazan, after a ‘light’ iftar, one can definitely have a healthy dinner however it is to be remembered that we would have to consume calories in ‘Sehri’ as well therefore dinner options should be chosen accordingly.

Earnestly hoping that the information provided above aids in your efforts to become leaner and healthier. 

Written By

Iqra Ejaz

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