Ramsha Khan portrays a torn and broken Hamna flawlessly

By: News Desk      Published: 03:30 PM, 26 Feb, 2020
Ramsha Khan portrays a torn and broken Hamna flawlessly

Directed by Badar Mehmood and written by Mohsin Ali, Ishqiya is a roller coaster ride of emotions that takes you on a journey of love, trust, revenge, betrayal, and all the problems that come with these emotions.

It has an ensemble cast of amazing actors, including Gohar Rasheed, Shabbir Jan, Khalid Anum, Seemi Pasha, Maha Hasan, Kinza Malik, Zahid Qureshi, and Nabeela Haq.

Taking the lead in the drama are Feroze Khan as Hamza, Ramsha Khan as Hamna, and Hania Amir as Roomi. The story talks about a boy and girl in love, but due to family pressure, the girl gets married to someone else. The boy, feeling lost and betrayed, gets married to the girl’s sister as a form of revenge.

Ramsha Khan’s role as Hamna is very different from what we have seen in the past, which shows that she is smart about the kind of roles that she takes.

Hamna is not an oppressed, silent girl. She has a mind of her own, she is secure, and she is thoughtful, but when it comes to her being a daughter, she sacrifices her love after her father’s wishes.

This is not a submissive attitude, rather a daughter’s obedience towards her parents and the responsibility to maintain her father’s trust. Ramsha Khan starts off the character as the girl who is full of life, laughter, and fun. As the story progresses, we see Ramsha Khan evolve into that sober, silent, and struggling person who has accepted her father’s decision over her own.

Episode 4 was all about Hamza and Hamna, where Hamza is trying to figure out why Hamna has been avoiding him and Hamna is trying her best to maintain her composure as she breaks on the inside.

The conversation between Hamna and Hamza when they finally talk, is one roller coaster ride for the audiences. One of the best things about Ramsha Khan, as seen in episode 4 of Ishqiya were her facial expressions.

Her red eyes to portray she has been crying for so long while keeping a straight face. This physical appearance, along with the body language, is essential components of the drama as they show that Hamna’s character has turned lifeless. She may be alive and going about on her everyday life, but on the inside, she is just torn, broken, and shattered.

For a character to display such traits and transitions within just a few episodes is all because of Ramsha Khan’s phenomenal acting.

She is doing justice to her role in a way that makes us feel sympathy for her. We can’t wait to see how the story would unfold, what would happen in Hamna and Hamza’s love story now?

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