Panic-stricken Noor Bukhari visited by a stalker

By: News Desk
Published: 04:38 PM, 26 May, 2021
Panic-stricken Noor Bukhari visited by a stalker
Caption: File photos.
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Pakistani former actress, director, model and television host Noor Bukhari has been given a massive shock.

We have all heard stories of a stalker’s persistence and dedication but in former actress Noor Bukhari’s case the situation gets alarmingly realistic.

The 38-year-old chose to share a piece of information on her social media platform which basically sums up everything that a public figure dreads on an everyday basis.

She declared that a lady came to her house and her way of introduction was spine-chilling ‘casual’ when she told Bukhari that she had found her residence through her Instagram stories.

Noor seemingly appalled further wrote that this scared her very much as she doesn’t meet anyone and requested very humbly to her fans that she has the respect of their feelings but it is in no way moral to scare someone like this.

‘It makes you a stalker’, Noor declared.

The most absurd thing here is the audacity of that woman to show at an unknown person’s place uninvited and then having the guts to openly admit that she discovered the address through a social media platform.

This just makes us shiver uncontrollably.

The threat of your private residence being exposed to almost anyone in the vicinity which consists of all kind of dangerous people who plot and plan schemes not even suitable to be mentioned here is just EXTREMELY PETRIFYING.

But the good news is that Noor Bukhari is doing just fine.

Noor wrote, "A lady came to my house yesterday saying she follows me on Insta and after watching my stories she found my house. It's scary because I don't meet anyone. I respect your life and feelings but please don't scare me like this. It makes you a stalker”.

Lastly, we would like to add that yes we do have certain access to a public figure’s daily transgressions, as much as they would like to reveal, and we also think we have the ‘right’ to pass judgments on each matter related to them.

However, let’s not invade someone’s privacy to an extent that you make them run for their lives. To be a dedicated fan is one thing but to suffocate someone to the point of extreme agitation is something EVERY fan should avoid.

In the end, each public figure is also a human being.