Convicted in New York, arrested in Lahore

By: News Desk      Published: 08:44 PM, 27 Jun, 2020

The Cyber Crime Wig of The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), in a major operation in Lahore on Saturday, arrested two suspected criminals involved in a bank robbery in the United States of America.

FIA Director Abdur Rab said the FIA Lahore Cyber Crime Wing carried out a major operation, during which two Pakistanis who robbed a bank in the United States were arrested.

Abdur Rab said the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had set a reward of $30,000 for arrest of both accused. The accused were caught red-handed while carrying out a criminal activity in Lahore.

He said that federal arrest warrants had been issued for Waqar Younis Ghuman and Mohsin Zameer in the state of New York as both the accused had committed armed robbery in a bank in New York.

The FIA director said that Waqar Ghman, 31, was a truck driver in New York and Mohsin Zameer, 35, was an IT specialist and both the accused were arrested from a bank, says a report published by Dunya News.