Qamar’s singles cross 6.5 million views on YouTube alone

By: News Desk      Published: 09:33 PM, 28 Aug, 2021
Qamar’s singles cross 6.5 million views on YouTube alone

With the breakthrough success of the first three singles, “Janaan”, “Ankaha” & “Sonaa”, Qamar Saleem has emerged as a new rising music sensation. All the three songs garnered views in millions and needless to say, people loved them not only for the overall music composition but also due to the message they carry.

Qamar has a successful career as a senior financial executive in Singapore. Less than a year ago in November 2020 his debut single “Janaan” made waves on social media.

Such was the appeal of his music that the debut song became a sensation crossing 1 million views on YouTube alone with covers from all over the world and viewership in over 50 countries.

Encouraged by such overwhelming response, Qamar released yet another of his original songs “Ankaha” in March 2021 which is available on all major streaming platforms. “Ankaha” garnered more than three million views on YouTube alone.

Last month, the singer released his third song “Sona” which celebrates the most cherished experience of “first love” and the rejuvenating value it carries throughout our lifetime.

The third single “Sona” received an unprecedent response on all music platforms; its music video crossed more than a million views on YouTube alone within three days of its release. It was featured by many leading blogs on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Overall, the above three songs of Qamar Saleem crossed six and a half million views on YouTube alone.

The most beautiful aspect of Qamar’s music is that his songs carry \special message for listeners. While “Janaan” was a message of hope and staying positive, “Ankaha” carried message of solace reminding us not to wait to share our love and affection for those we love, and not wait for the right time as that time may never come.

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