Delhi Riots: The truth will be remembered and recorded!

By: Mahmood Sadiq      Published: 08:39 PM, 28 Feb, 2020
Delhi Riots: The truth will be remembered and recorded!
A view of Modi's India.
Delhi Riots: The truth will be remembered and recorded!
A poor Muslim family whose everything was destroyed.
Delhi Riots: The truth will be remembered and recorded!
A family used to live here. A child would ride this tri-cycle only days ago.
Delhi Riots: The truth will be remembered and recorded!
A house that was set alight by Hindu mobsters.
Delhi Riots: The truth will be remembered and recorded!
A ransacked Delhi mosque.

As the shocking videos of mass murder of Muslims in New Delhi by BJP-RSS goons keep pouring in on the internet, the world has begun to realise what many in India and Pakistan knew long before. The Delhi genocide has only magnified the real face of Modi and his BJP, which is devoted to implementing the Hindu racist agenda of RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh).

Many have condemned the role of the Indian government and Delhi Police in the whole episode, which some in Indian government and media keep trying to paint as an outbreak of communal violence. Some even going to all lengths to blame the victim community for igniting the fire.

But the world is not as blind as you think, and remember, as Aamir Aziz has cautioned in his poem, Sab Yaad Rakha Jayega [Everything will be remembered]! What the Hindu extremists and their leaders are doing to the defenceless Muslims across India - from Kashmir in the north to Gujrat in the south - will not be forgotten.

The pain of Delhi massacre is not only being deeply felt in neighbouring Pakistan and Bangladesh but also in the whole Muslim world. True, that only a few Muslim leaders have the courage to speak out, putting their economic interests at stake.

After all, India is a market of around one and a quarter billion people. And by slapping curbs on palm oil import from Malaysia recently, after Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad criticised Muslim genocide in Kashmir, Modi has already sent a clear message that anyone pointing finger at his Hindutva policies will be punished.

India also issued a threat of similar penalty to Turkey recently but failed to keep President Recep Tayyip Erdogan silent over BJP crimes.

"India right now has become a country where massacres are widespread. What massacres? Massacres of Muslims. By who? Hindus," Erdogan said during a speech in Ankara on Thursday.

The state-backed terror unleashed on Delhi’s Muslims has already claimed at least three dozen lives and wounded over 200 – as per Indian authorities own admission. Except for a few cases, all the deceased are Muslims – which expose the claim of it being a communal clash. Neutral observers have expressed fears that the real number of casualties could be much higher than is being claimed by the Indian Government.

Delhi Police- a culprit, a facilitator

Police in Delhi was caught red-handed while destroying CCTV cameras in a bid to destroy the evidence of the genocide.

At many places, the Hindu mobs burnt shops and houses of Muslims under the protection of the police.

The police even tortured Muslim youth gathered in their streets with stones and sticks to challenge the raiding Hindu parties.

And what the other side had at their disposal? See it for yourself.

It has also been alleged that the police would fly drones over Muslim areas to find what defence measures they have taken. It would later remove the stones and sticks gathered by them for their defence against the raiding Hindus and leak the information about the most vulnerable Muslim areas to Hindu gangs.

But not everyone is a villain. The time of crisis also brings forth some heroes. Here is one!

Reports of genocide coming from Delhi are so horrific that even many non-Muslim leaders and organisations have condemned the Modi Government. And some others, not so bold, have voiced their concern – the least someone with a conscience could do.

In a video which went viral, Pink Floyd guitarist Roger Waters recited English translation of Amir Aziz’s ‘Sab Yaad Rakha Jayega’ poem. At the protest arranged for the release of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, Waters called India’s anti-Muslim law, CAA, ‘fascist’ and ‘racist’.

If you think I am just exaggerating the things and doing propaganda against India’s government and ruling party and its government because I am a Muslim and a Pakistani, see this report by Al-Jazeera.

Well, someone might believe that Al-Jazeera, being an Arab channel, is just part of pro-Muslim propaganda.

Here’s what Amnesty International’s India chapter had to say.

And here is what Professor Steve Hanke, an economist and a Senior Fellow & Director at Johns Hopkins, shared.

A number of US lawmakers have condemned Modi regime while a US government commission faulted the BJP government, questioning its response to the violence and expressing its grave concern.

The BJP Government is using all its might and resources to keep the independent voice muted. It forced the Disney-owned streaming service Hotstar India to take down the latest episode of John Oliver's show, Last Week Tonight, which criticised Narendra Modi, the BJP and RSS. Here’s what Oliver said in his show.

A key BJP leader, BL Santosh threatened US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders with playing "a role in presidential elections" against him when Sanders slammed President Trump for not raising the issue of Delhi violence with Modi that came just when Trump was visiting India.

No matter how much power fascist Modi and his colleagues use, no matter how much the present Indian political establishments oppress the Muslims and others who speak in their support, “The truth will be remembered, recorded and written [Sab Yaad Rakha Jayega!]”.

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