PIA captain saves life of trainee pilot

By: News Desk      Published: 06:38 PM, 28 Feb, 2020
PIA captain saves life of trainee pilot

Presence of mind of a PIA captain helped saved the life of a trainee pilot and averted a disaster at Lahore Airport on Friday.

The incident occurred when nose wheel of APALU, a training aircraft of Aero Club, fell on the ground as soon as it took off. The trainee pilot, however, was totally oblivious to the fault, which could have endangered both his life and the aircraft.

However, captain of PIA flight PA-536 Adnan Doraiz who was standing on the runway to take off for Sukkur was observing the situation and he immediately informed the trainee pilot about the fault, advising him to land the aircraft forthwith.

He also established contact with the control tower to help the trainee pilot with the safe landing of the faulty aircraft. Both Adnan Doraiz and the control tower helped the trainee pilot land the plane safely.

Skillfulness and presence of mind of the PIA captain averted an imminent danger to the trainee pilot.

Later, PIA Flight PK-536 took off for Sukkur.