Hareem Shah ties the knot with a PPP leader

By: News Desk      Published: 10:16 AM, 28 Jun, 2021
Hareem Shah ties the knot with a PPP leader

TikToker Hareem Shah is now married to a Pakistan People’s Party leader.

According to reports, the TikTok sensation who has acquired a fan following of over five million followers on her social media platform has confirmed the news of her marriage.

However, no further details have yet been revealed.

But fret not as Miss Shah has promised to be revealing more information regarding the topic very very soon.

Previously, Hareem Shah took to her social media handle and posted a picture of her hand resting on top of a male’s hand with rings being spotted in the picture which were speculated to be ‘engagement rings’.

However soon after due to unknown reasons Miss Hareem deleted the post.

Pakistani American Hassan Iqbal denies marrying Hareem Shah  

A US national of Pakistani origin Hassan Iqbal talking to 24NewsHD TV channel has claimed that the picture that was shared by TikTok star Hareem Shah actually carried a picture of his hand but he has not married her.  

Hassan said, “I don’t know the reason why she posted this picture. But as you know, Hareem may have posted this picture for creating some controversy.”

“Hareem is my friend but I did not marry her. But it is good news that she is married now,” Iqbal said.

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