Zainab Qayyum’s competitive streak led her to an unsuccessful marriage

By: News Desk      Published: 12:49 PM, 28 May, 2021
Zainab Qayyum’s competitive streak led her to an unsuccessful marriage
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Pakistani television actress, host and former model Zainab Qayyum was accustomed with a stroke of extreme bad luck.

At the set of Heart to Haute Zainab revealed some massive secrets about her marriage which ended after a period of just ten months.

Zainab or ZQ became the victim of societal pressures and as the former model witnessed members of her close circle tying the knots, having children and leading happy matrimonial lives in their given capacity, ZQ it seems wanted all that for herself as well.

Did she get competitive? It is highly likely.

As she saw other people enjoying their married lives to the fullest, Zainab decided that it’s time to have all those happy married vibes going on for herself too and she then tied the knot.

However intentions play a big role in the turning of events and Zainab’s impatience led to her making a massive mistake.

After just ten months of being together, ZQ’s husband decided that they are definitely not hitting it off.

They had compatibility issues and her ex-husband called the marriage off.

Zainab’s ex decision was heart-breaking for the former model as she realized that she has failed the marriage after doing everything that she could to make their chemistry work.

However, she had no other option but to accept the bitter reality.

We are told that hasty decisions always prove to be unsatisfactory thus the statement proven correct.

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Zainab declared at the set, “I got married in 2010. I used to see my friends getting pregnant and their kids growing old then I decided to get married because I thought it was the time to get married after getting the first proposal. It was a non-serious approach but still I tied the knot and moved to Dubai and shifted to London. After 10 months of marriage, it was over, my husband realized that we had no compatibility and he called it off.”

The actress further added “I was heartbroken because I thought I have failed in something. I did everything for my husband when we were in a relationship but when my husband decided to part ways I eventually accepted it.”

Zainab Qayyum also known as ZQ is a 46-year-old Pakistani television actress, host and former model.

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She took part in various widely acknowledged projects some of them including Riyasat, Sarkar Sahab, Yeh Zindagi Hai, Jalebiyan, Mohabbat Ab Nahi Hogi, Lagaao, Aangan, Phir Wohi Mohabbat. The actress made her film debut with Sultanat.