Hareem Shah begs public not to link her with every Tom, Dick & Harry

By: News Desk      Published: 02:34 PM, 29 Jun, 2021
Hareem Shah begs public not to link her with every Tom, Dick & Harry
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TikToker Hareem Shah has made a blast when she announced that she has tied the knot with a Pakistan People’s Party leader.

As soon as the news came out, it took social media by storm and every single individual was desperate to know the name of Hareem’s husband.

While assumptions may lead to conclusions, various people started a ‘guessing game’ so that they can somehow figure out who has stolen the heart of our favourite TikTok personality.

And then everyone started linking the social media personality to men of various designations in order to satiate their burning curiosity.

However the TikTok star has now had enough and she has taken to her Instagram in order to post a video message.

Miss Shah has requested everyone to stop connecting ‘aeyrey geyrey’ men (every Tom, Dick and Harry) with her name.

She further elaborates over how before this she never had a boyfriend or was in a relationship with anyone.

Hareem emphasises on the fact that previously whoever has come in her videos was solely due to promotional purposes and it definitely doesn’t mean that she was involved with any of those people.

The TikToker wants everyone to refrain from posting pictures of various men with her pictures as she has made it clear that she was not romantically involved with anyone before and if she would have been she would have definitely announced it.