Rabia Anum Obaid lashes out at caller asking for wazifa for a son

By: News Desk      Published: 05:06 PM, 30 Apr, 2021
Rabia Anum Obaid lashes out at caller asking for wazifa for a son
File photo.

During the hosting of a Ramadan show, news anchor Rabia Anum lashed out at a caller who asked for a wazifa so that his family can be blessed with a son.

During the Ramadan transmission, a hopeful caller asked the host Rabia Anum for a wazifa clearly disturbed with already having five consecutive daughters.

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In hopes that Rabia might be able to provide the right solution for his problem, he uttered out his request.

However, Rabia clearly not in the mood of getting degraded as a woman in terms of the caller not appreciative of having five daughters lashed out at him.

The video of Rabia Anum responding to the caller has taken the internet by storm.

Rabia’s response emphasised on how daughters are a blessing from Allah and he should be thankful that he is blessed with five daughters.

Rabia further praised the Pakistani international cricketer Shahid Afridi who had the honour of being blessed with five daughters and he is a super proud father.

Rabia clearly itched further provided an example of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and emphasized how he should follow the example of our prophet by showering immense love over his daughters. 

Rabia Anum is a highly admired Pakistani commentator.