Ashura processions culminate peacefully across country

By: News Desk      Published: 11:07 AM, 30 Aug, 2020
Ashura processions culminate peacefully across country

Yaum-e-Ashur, the tenth of Muharram, is being observed Sunday throughout Pakistan with due religious fervour, sobriety, solemnity and sanctity to pay homage to Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions who laid down their lives in Karbala.

On this day in the Hijri year of 61, Hazrat Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), along with his family members and 72 followers embraced martyrdom at the hands of Yazid’s soldiers in the desert of Karbala.

The mourning processions were taken in different cities throughout Pakistan to mourn the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain. The processions culminated peacefully late in the evening. Majalis were held across the country where ulema and zakireen highlighted the message and philosophy of Karbala and paid tributes to the martyrs.

Strict security arrangements have been put in place to thwart off any unwanted incident, while standard operating procedures (SOPs) have been in place for the mourning processions after consultations with the religious scholars to stem the spread of coronavirus.

In connection with the 9th Muharram on Saturday, Taazia, Alam and Zuljanah processions were taken out in different parts of the country in memory of martyrs of Karbala.

In Lahore, the main Zuljinnah procession was taken out from Nisar Haveli inside the Walled City late Saturday night amidst elaborate security arrangements. The procession culminated at Karbala Gamay Shah Sunday evening after completing day-long journey on its traditional route. 

Before the start of the procession, Zakirs narrated Massaibs of Hazrat Imam Hussain, his family members and companions at Majlis-e-Aza. A large number of chest-beating and Noha-reciting mourners participated in the Majlis and later joined the procession.

A scene of Lahore procession on way to Karbala Gamay Shah.

The procession moved through its traditional route Mohallah Chehel Bibian, Imambargah Syed Wajid Ali Shah, Imambargah Mehdi Shah, Mubarak Haveli, Chowk Nawab Sahab, Kucha Qazi Khan, Imambargah Maulvi Feroze Ali, Kucha Miskinan, Mohallah Pir Gilanian, Imambargah Rajab Ali Shah, Chohata Mufti Baqar, Chowk Purani Kotwali, Kashmiri Bazaar, Sunehri Masjid, Dabbi Bazaar, Sooha Bazaar, Gumti Bazaar, Said Mitha, Tehsil Bazaar, Bazaar Hakiman, Unchi Masjid and Bhaati Chowk before culminating at Karbala Gamay Shah near Data Darbar. Dozens of small processions joined the main one at different places. Mourners observed Matam (flagellation) with chains, knives at several points on the route.

After the culmination of the procession, a Majlis-e-Shaam-e-Ghariban was arranged inside Karbala Gamay Shah in which noted zakireen highlighted the importance of the sacrifice by Hazrat Imam Hussain and his companions.

Karachi procession.

In Karachi, the main procession began from Nishtar Park and will travel to the Imambargah Hussaina Iranian.

In Faisalabad, the procession started off from Aza Khana Shabbir while in Peshawar it began from Agha Syed Ali Shah Rizvi Al Maroof Jan Imambargah.

Quetta’s main procession started on Alamdar Road and its route has been entirely sealed.

Mobile phone service across the country have been suspended and pillion riding has been banned as security measures for the processions. In Sindh, cellular services were suspended for 8, 9, and 10 Muharram.

Islamabad procession.

In Rawalpindi, the main procession started from Imambargah Ashiq Hussain at 11am. Three big processions joined on Sabzi Mandi Road.

The procession ended at Imambargah Mohalla. The route has been sealed with portable gates and containers and the bomb disposal squad is clearing the route ahead of the procession.

The police and Rangers personnel are patrolling the areas along the Muharram processions throughout the country while snipers have taken positions on the rooftops of the buildings along the routes for keeping an eye on miscreants. 

In addition to that, army helicopters are also monitoring the procession along their routes.