Kashmir Band wows audiences with a virtual concert

By: News Desk      Published: 04:40 PM, 30 Jun, 2020
Kashmir Band wows audiences with a virtual concert

Head banging, feet tapping, or just dancing like there is no tomorrow; all of us have missed going to concerts in recent months.

Well, thanks to virtual concerts, we can do all this in the comfort of our bedrooms and for free. This is the new coronavirus infused world—our new normal.

This realization hit us after Kashmir the Band performed the first-ever virtual concert for Pakistan Student Association, and it was a big hit. A large number of fans tuned into this Zoom concert and had a blast.

The winners of the Battle of the Bands S2 have become a household name amongst music lovers, and watching them bring their magic to the screens, we could see why.

So whether it is an actual concert or a virtual one by this group, it garners excitement. Especially at a time, when the world has been starved off entertainment, this came as a big respite.

Kashmir brought out all big guns, including Dhoop, Buddha, Kaghaz, Mera Pyar, and others. Thankfully, technologically everything went smoothly, and the band was really in their element.

None of them looked rusty. Bilal Ali brought out his A-game and moved everyone with his melodious vocals.

While, Vais Khan (lead guitarist), Usman Siddiqui (bass guitarist) and Zair Zaki (rhythm guitarist), all had the energy required for holding an actual concert.

Shane Anthoney (drummer) and Ali Raza (keyboardist) also provided the much-needed impetus. This was a full-on, high on adrenaline performance.

On paper, a virtual concert might seem like a difficult thing to execute. The ebbs and flow between the band and the audience is missing.

However, to their credit, Kashmir band with their energetic presence and enthusiasm made up for it. With their fast-paced numbers to their ballads, they were able to engage their audiences at all times. This is what made the experience fun and exciting.

It might be a while before we go back to having concerts in big halls and stadiums.

For now, virtual concerts are perhaps the way to go and Kashmir Band has given us a brilliant start. Hopefully, we will have more performances from them to keep our spirits high and running. We all need truly need it.