Why is PPP offering PML-N help to bring its CM in Punjab?

Published: 04:15 PM, 30 Mar, 2021
Why is PPP offering PML-N help to bring its CM in Punjab?
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Why does the PPP want to oust Usman Buzdar as the Punjab chief minister?

Why is it encouraging the PML-N to nominate its man for the slot and is also offering its support?

What is the possibility of the success of plans against Buzdar?

Why doesn’t the prime minister want to replace the man from south Punjab; and what price the PTI may have to pay for not giving the country’s biggest province a performer head of the government?

These are some important questions that many people, especially those keenly watching the political developments, might be harbouring in their minds at present.

An important newspaper had claimed recently that some powerful quarters (a euphemism used for those who can’t be named for reasons known to everyone) had a meeting with some half a dozen federal ministers and asked them to convey the prime minister their desire for a change in Punjab. The same paper claimed after some days that the ministers, after a meeting with their boss, had told the ‘hosts’ that the premier was not in favour of the desired change in Punjab because he doesn’t see a better replacement for Buzdar. 

It is after those reports that the PPP started urging the PML-N leadership to bring a no-confidence motion against the Punjab chief minister and, on account of its numerical strength in the provincial legislature, nominate its own candidate for the post.  Of course, it is an irresistible political bait to a party it has parted ways with on account of differences. 

For the success of the anti-Buzdar move in the Punjab Assembly, the PPP has also offered its support to the PML-N. 

It may be pointed out that of the 371 seats of Punjab Assembly, the PPP has only seven seats while PML-N has 165. The PTI has 181 seats and also enjoys the supporter of PML-Q that has 10 seats.

PPP’s parliamentary leader in Punjab Assembly Hassan Murtaza claims that up to 30 PTI MPAs are in contact with the PPP and have offered their support to dislodge Mr Buzdar. 

Convinced by the “sincerity” of the anti-Buzdar PTI legislators’ offer, Mr Murtaza believes that a change would happen in Punjab after Eidul Fitr (which is falling on May 14). He calls it Eid gift for the people.

The PPP is a strong critic of Mr Buzdar’s performance during his 30-month rule and brands him as ineligible, incapable.

The PML-N is not agreeing with the PPP plan as it thinks it’s establishment’s plot to bring in Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi as the chief minister. PML-N leaders are of the view that the poor performance of Mr Buzdar will benefit their party in the next elections whenever they are held.

The biggest opposition party knows that Mr Pervaiz Elahi is a performer and in case he gets chance to rule the Punjab, the PML-N’s position in the next elections will be adversely affected.

PDM President Maulana Fazlur Rehman is also opposed to moving a no-trust motion against the Punjab chief minister (as well as Prime Minister Imran Khan) as the failure of such an initiative will amount to giving legitimacy to the assemblies. 

Whatever happens on the political scene in the weeks and months ahead, one thing is very clear: The PPP wants to prevent any party from offering resignations from assemblies. It wants to fight any battle from the platform of assemblies.

A no-confidence motion against the Punjab chief minister, whether it succeeds or fails, means the PML-N and other allied parties will remain part of the assemblies. And their presence in these houses for the past three years and staying in them in the times ahead will make the ‘fake’ taunt meaningless, ridiculous. 

This is what the ‘sincere’ offer for help to the PML-N to bring its own chief minister in Punjab actually means.

As for Buzdar’s performance, it will play an important role in determining the PTI’s future as a result of next elections. In other words the fate of PTI is linked to delivery of Mr Buzdar’s government.

Ashraf Mumtaz

The writer is the Deputy Editor of 24 Digital.