IHC asks ex-top judge of GB to submit written reply within five days

By: News Desk      Published: 12:20 PM, 30 Nov, 2021
IHC asks ex-top judge of GB to submit written reply within five days

The Islamabad High Court has ordered former top judge of the Supreme Appellate Court of Gilgit-Baltistan Rana Shamim to get his original affidavit from London and submit it to the court, besides giving his written reply on the court contempt notice till Dec 7, reported 24NewsHD TV channel. 

The attorney general of Pakistan pleaded with the court that since the role of media was secondary in this case so the court must suspend its proceedings against media. On this, IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah said that everyone should at least desist from dishonouring this court for their political narrative. 

The IHC on Tuesday was hearing a contempt of court case regarding the affidavit of ex-chief justice Shamim in which he accused former chief justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar of bending the course of justice and his affidavit was published in different national newspapers and was aired by different TV channels.

Rana Shamim who was issued a contempt notice by the court in this case and was asked to submit his reply, failed to do so. However, the other parties involved in the case did submit their replies to the court. 

Justice ® Shamim appeared before the court. He told the court that he had appointed Latif Afridi as his lawyer and his lawyer would answer the questions.

Chief Justice Athar Minallah asked him why he leveled allegations against the ex-CJP Nisar after three years.

Rana Shamim replied that he had not seen his affidavit submitted in the court.

Justice Minallah said that a newspaper published your affidavit and the original affidavit must be in your possession. He asked him to get his original affidavit from London and submit it to the court. 

The ex-top judge of GB Supreme Appellate Court told the IHC that his affidavit was sealed and he did not know how did it get leaked. He further said that he even didn’t know what statement was reported in the published affidavit. 

The AGP remarked that it was strange that one who made an affidavit did not know about its content. If he (Rana Shamim) does not know what was written in the affidavit, then who has prepared this affidavit, the AGP wondered.  

The CJ remarked that this thing should bring to record that Mr Shamim did not know what was written in the affidavit. He said if we believe as per the statement of Mr Shamim that he had given the sealed affidavit to his grandson then the responsibility was rested with the newspaper as how could it get the affidavit. “Your statement has made the matter complicated for the newspaper, the CJ added. 

The IHC CJ asked him did he not hand the affidavit over to the newspaper columnist. On which, he replied in negative.

Justice Minallah remarked that due to his affidavit, allegations were levelled against this court. “You must answer why you submitted your affidavit. There must be some reason. The action of every judge has become suspicious due to your affidavit,” the CJ remarked.

The IHC CJ said that this court always stood for freedom of expression. “This case is in fact an accountability of the IHC and myself,” the judge added.

Faisal Siddiqui who was the amicus curiae suggested the court to continue legal proceedings against all the parties involved in the case. 

Reporter Ehtisham Kiyani