Food items in Pakistan see continuous prices spike

By: News Desk      Published: 07:09 PM, 30 Oct, 2021
Food items in Pakistan see continuous prices spike

From milk to eggs and chickpeas, people are paying a substantial amount of money for basic necessities of life, reported 24NewsHD TV on Saturday.

In Karachi wholesale market, the price of white chickpeas has risen sharply by 48 rupees and is sold at 148 rupees per kg.

According to traders, the price of the white channa has risen due to increased shipping and transportation fees over the past two weeks.

100 kg of channa per bag increased from 10,000 rupees to Rs. 14,008 rupees.

Eggs in the city became more expensive by 2 rupees to 176 rupees per dozen instead of 174 rupees. 

The price of eggs containing 30 dozen eggs has increased by 60 rupees. 

The price of eggs per egg has increased from 5220 rupees to 5280 rupees. 

Egg prices have risen 10 rupees in one month. 

Poultry sources said that due to the cold weather in Afghanistan, exports have increased, while demand locally has also increased. Moreover, prices have risen due to supply shortages.

Prices of essential items surged at the Utility Stores, set up to provide the people with relief.

According to the notification, the price of 950 grams of tea of different brands has surged from 100 rupees to 210 rupees.

The price of the 100-gram coffee jar has been increased by 50 rupees. 

The price of 500 grams of infant formula milk has jumped by 60 rupees. 

The 300-gram package of custard has been increased by 5 rupees.

The 300-gram cornmeal has been increased by 20 rupees. 

The price of 250 grams of honey has been increased by 95 rupees.

The price of the One Liter Multipurpose Cleaner has been increased by 46 rupees.

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