Superstars confess on live with HSY

Published: 03:07 PM, 31 Jul, 2020
Superstars confess on live with HSY
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When life gets busy and we need a break, LIVE with HSY is our go-to series for the perfect blend of candid banter and confessions!

Hosted by the brilliant fashion designer, director and host, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, the LIVE sessions are interactive, insightful and entertaining.

From declarations of love, clarifying misreported information and admitting faults, Yasin has an uncanny knack of bringing out the most intimate secrets of his celebrity guests.

Through the series we finally get to see some of our favourite A-Listers speak their truth.

How could we forget the viral video of Mahira Khan finally being vocal about the person she is in love with. All bashful, she stated she doesn’t know which act of kindness led her to “the one” and the accidental slip up of his name was simultaneously shocking and hilarious!

We’ve all heard the ongoing rumors about Umair Jaswal and Sana Javed. In an episode of LIVE with HSY, Umair finally clarifies the situation, stating clearly the two of them are just very good friends. He added further that if anything was ever to happen, we would be the first to know as his fans mean the most to him.

In the episode featuring Syra Yousuf, we finally got to hear from her post the divorce. She stated, “I think I'm going to move forward knowing that people's actions towards me have nothing to do with me and everything to do with them, who they are and what they believe in.” You go girl!

When asked about the public scrutiny for his relationship with his wife and the rumors about her seeing someone else, Amir Khan finally clarified. Admitting that the rumours he spread about Faryal weren’t true, Amir also takes full responsibility for all the chaos which transpired.

We all remember Ali Rehman’s viral video where he was shown abusing a waiter which turned out to be a planted marketing campaign.

Even though the campaign was later revealed, for some reason people clung on to the scandalous aspect and refused to believe that it was a marketing gimmick.

Addressing this HSY adds another perspective while praising the actor for having superb acting skills because the performance was so believable!

Live with HSY stands out because it provides a unique experience to the audience; a level of intimacy that no other talk show can compete with. Curious to see if Hassan Shehryar will also invite international celebrities in the coming episodes.

Faizan Javed

Faizan Javed is Lifestyle Editor at 24 News (Digital).