Ahsan Iqbal chides government over restoring trade with India

By: News Desk      Published: 07:58 PM, 31 Mar, 2021
Ahsan Iqbal chides government over restoring trade with India

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz secretary-general Ahsan Iqbal Wednesday criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan and alleged that his failed economic policies have put the national interests on sale.

He said he accused the former government of their relations with Narendra Modi but now he has embraced Modi and has accelerated the preparation of the summaries for importing cotton and sugar from India.

He said he has put the sovereignty of the State on line by making the State Bank of Pakistan independent and now the SBP would be answerable to the international monetary institutes instead of the State.

Ahsan said the government has imposed Rs700billion taxes on the behest of the IMF and he had raised this issue in the parliament but the ministers had no answer to his questions.

He said the money bill could only be passed through the parliament and the government has bulldozed the constitution and the parliament and has given all the authority to the IMF.

He said the government has ended the parliamentary traditions that had been in place for the last 70 years. “According to Article 73 of the constitution, every money bill should have to be initiated through the National Assembly.”

He said the government only wanted to keep its sinking boat sailing. He alleged that the government has also sold the Kashmir cause for one billion dollars.

He said they (government) gave lectures on the Hindutva culture and how the Indian government is being run by the extremists and now they are bringing the summaries of imports from India.

Ahsan said it shows that this government does not have the ability to look after the national interests and instead of their focus is only on their own interests instead of the country.

He claimed such a person is at the helm of the affairs as the prime minister who has no experience in foreign policy, economy and politics.

Ahsan termed Imran Khan an absolute failure and questioned that why every country in South Asia is growing faster than Pakistan?