Let’s welcome the ‘New Reshma of Pakistan’

By: News Desk      Published: 02:00 PM, 31 Mar, 2021
Let’s welcome the ‘New Reshma of Pakistan’

Pakistan’s legendary singer Reshma, awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Star of Distinction), is still remembered for her melodious voice all around.

Many singers still try to imitate her/sing like her but there are some significant individuals with unique capabilities, Reshma’s powerful singing being one of them.

However, there is immense talent but Reshma, also nicknamed as ‘The Desert Nightingale’ stood out due to her originality. She did not forget her roots. 

Mumtaz Reshma, a thirty-five year old singer, originating from the shanties of Lahore looks and sings like Reshma. Her videos are being highly appreciated by the public.

When her report was shown on City42 by Sadia Khan, a very positive feedback was returned.

Mumtaz Reshma appeared in 24NewsHD TV channel’s morning programme 24@9 and told the hosts “I have been singing since childhood. Been very fond of it. But I used to sing songs from different artists such as Naseebo Lal etc.”

“But when I heard Reshma for the first time after my wedding, I forgot about all other artists. I instantly fell in love with Reshma’s voice, her singing capabilities, her personality, everything,” she shared.

It was then that the host requested Mumtaz to sing one of Reshma’s songs which she did rather beautifully 'Haye o Rabba nai lagda dil mera'. 

“Before I was not an expert at singing but then my teacher Munawar Saeed who is a very good ‘Ustad’ taught me the principles of singing,” Mumtaz said.

The host requested another song from Mumtaz Reshma specifically stressing for the song to be long. 

When the host asked if she thought of pursuing singing professionally or if she has been approached by anyone, she said “First of all I want to thank Sheraz Azam and you people for inviting me over here. I feel very happy and blessed that I have been approached by you people.”

She further said “I just want my children to get a chance of being educated so I hope I get an opportunity soon.” 

The show was concluded with Mumtaz singing another song of Reshma.

The host commented over how Pakistani public is very appreciative and when they like something, they appreciate it.

Mumtaz Reshma is being admired for her distinctive abilities. May she get a singing opportunity of a lifetime very very soon.