Govt cuts petrol price by Rs7 per litre

PM Khan says now Pakistan has cheapest fuel cost compared to other states in South Asia

By: News Desk      Published: 09:10 PM, 31 May, 2020
 Govt cuts petrol price by Rs7 per litre

The government on Sunday once again cut the petrol price by Rs7 per litre for the third consecutive month.

According to a notification issued by the Ministry of Finance, the government made the decision to slash prices of petroleum products to provide relief to consumers.

After the decrease of Rs7.6 per litre, the new price of petrol stands at Rs74.52 per litre. However, the price of High Speed Diesel has increased by 5 paisa to Rs80.15 per litre.

The price of kerosene has been reduced by Rs11.88 to Rs35.56 per litre, while the price of light diesel oil has been decreased by Rs9.37 to Rs38.14 per litre.

PM reaction 

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that government has further reduced the petrol price to give relief to the common man.

In a tweet on Sunday, he wrote: “We have further reduced petrol, light diesel oil, kerosine oil prices. Now we have the cheapest fuel cost compared to other states in South Asia. India is almost exactly double. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Nepal are all 50 to 75 percent more expensive than us.”

On April 30, the PTI-led government announced reduction of Rs 15 per litre each in petrol and light diesel oil prices and Rs 30 per litre in kerosene oil price. The price of high-speed diesel (HSD) was slashed by Rs 27.15 per litre.

On February 29, the government reduced the price of petrol by Rs5 per litre to provide relief to the consumers. The price of High-Speed Diesel (HSD) had been reduced by Rs5 per litre form Rs127.26 per litre to Rs122.26 per litre.

Likewise, the rates of Kerosene (SKO) had been reduced by Rs7 per litre, from Rs99.45 per litre to Rs92.45 per litre whereas the rate of Light Diesel Oil had been reduced from Rs84.51 per litre to Rs77.51 per litre, a decrease of Rs7 per litre.