Netizens will not let Alizeh Shah dress the way she please

By: News Desk      Published: 11:49 AM, 31 May, 2021
Netizens will not let Alizeh Shah dress the way she please

At a mobile phone launch, Pakistani actress Alizeh Shah’s ‘modern’ dressing became the subject of netizens criticism yet again.

Ehd-e-Wafa star Alizeh Shah is always making the headlines through social media users giving ‘protocol’ to almost everything that she indulges in publicly.

There are always a couple of stars in every industry who manage to trigger a stream of negative feedback and sometimes the criticism just piles up due to the celebrity’s routine behaviour which is not approved proving to cause disruption.

Alizeh Shah’s debut song ‘Badnaamiyan’ with renowned Pakistani singer Sahir Ali Bagga succeeded in being a hit however Alizeh’s dressing has always proved to cause the social media users to attack and in the music video, Alizeh’s black tank top gave rise to a lot of hate.

But it seems that the actress is way too confident with her sense of dressing and doesn’t get bothered with all the loathe coming her way.

This time at a mobile phone launch, she dressed appropriately however the plunging neckline again caused vile comments to emerge.

Here are some pictures from the mobile phone launch:

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