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SCBA to challenge lifetime disqualifications under Article 62F

Posted 11:12 AM, 10 Jan, 2022

Cyprus limits social gatherings under Covid tsunami

Posted 09:35 PM, 5 Jan, 2022

Cyprus mulls new Covid measures as per capita rate tops world

Posted 09:07 PM, 4 Jan, 2022

Stars tell Gemini folks their finances look superb

Posted 12:20 AM, 2 Jan, 2022

Pakistan registers four more corona deaths, 322 infections

Posted 07:58 AM, 24 Dec, 2021

Cabinet approves hike in petroleum dealers’ margin 

Posted 04:29 PM, 7 Dec, 2021

Pakistan teen climber confronts mortality and history on K2 summit

Posted 09:50 AM, 4 Dec, 2021

Problems multiply; QAU VC seeks exit year before his tenure

Posted 07:18 PM, 28 Nov, 2021

Stars say it’s a good day for Libra folks to become social butterfly

Posted 12:11 AM, 26 Nov, 2021

Stars predict Capricorn folks may feel ambitious for their career goals today

Posted 08:24 AM, 23 Nov, 2021

English cricket racism row takes new turn with Hales blackface photo

Posted 10:21 AM, 19 Nov, 2021

Asian markets swing as traders eye China outbreak, inflation

Posted 10:22 AM, 25 Oct, 2021

Adnan Siddqui’s unfulfilled desire to be signing Nauman Ijaz’s projects 

Posted 12:26 PM, 20 Oct, 2021

‘Frustrated’ Minal Khan, Saboor Aly contemplate on how to shed pounds 

Posted 11:23 AM, 20 Oct, 2021

Stars predict a bittersweet day in terms of romantic relationships

Posted 12:39 AM, 30 Sep, 2021

US young guns overwhelm Europe in Ryder Cup rout

Posted 07:41 AM, 27 Sep, 2021

Ghost towns and old men in Afghanistan's Panjshir

Posted 09:42 PM, 16 Sep, 2021

Dubious of Trump's sanity, US general secretly called China: Book

Posted 03:10 PM, 15 Sep, 2021

In Tajikistan, Afghan exiles fear for loved ones left behind

Posted 08:49 AM, 13 Sep, 2021

Stars see problems multiplying on professional front

Posted 12:10 AM, 11 Sep, 2021

Victorious Taliban gloat over ruins of CIA's Afghan base

Posted 06:38 PM, 7 Sep, 2021

Stars see wealth rain for Aries folks

Posted 08:55 AM, 27 Aug, 2021

Kinza Hashmi snapped getting cozy with makeup artist Babar Zaheer

Posted 04:11 PM, 7 Aug, 2021

Cricketer Shadab Khan fancies Kinza Hashmi? 

Posted 04:54 PM, 3 Aug, 2021

Stokes wants England to 'enjoy' Pakistan series after Covid crisis

Posted 09:01 PM, 7 Jul, 2021

Putin backs increased EU-Russia dialogue: Kremlin

Posted 06:31 PM, 24 Jun, 2021

Ushna Shah’s UNROSY response to Rosie Gabrielle over ‘destructive tourism’

Posted 12:56 PM, 19 Jun, 2021

Tearful Ramos says he wanted to stay at Real Madrid

Posted 07:00 PM, 17 Jun, 2021

Illusion institution: A Croatian museum goes global

Posted 05:08 PM, 11 Jun, 2021

World’s leading media, social websites crash after internet breakdown

Posted 04:01 PM, 8 Jun, 2021

Actress Hania Aamir tries to soothe ireful fans over bold video

Posted 12:18 PM, 6 Jun, 2021

ICC contemplates moving 2021 T20 World Cup from India to UAE

Posted 11:39 PM, 1 Jun, 2021

Ali Zafar feels current showbiz industry lacks ‘warmth’

Posted 11:47 AM, 24 May, 2021

Sh Rashid vouches for JKT group’s support in federal budget

Posted 04:12 PM, 20 May, 2021

Hira Mani consults son on whether she should get lip surgery done

Posted 03:33 PM, 16 May, 2021

Meghan writes children's book inspired by Prince Harry

Posted 10:13 PM, 4 May, 2021