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Jannat Mirza looks fabulous in fresh snap series

Posted 08:07 PM, 28 Nov, 2021

Hania Aamir shares ‘horse-riding’ glimpses into her upcoming drama

Posted 07:16 PM, 28 Nov, 2021

Radiating Ayesha Omar reveals her skincare line 

Posted 04:49 PM, 28 Nov, 2021

Birthday boy Ted: Game of Thrones fame Emilia Clarke bakes cake for dog 

Posted 04:01 PM, 28 Nov, 2021

Bittersweet reactions as Mahira Khan steps up with dance maestro Nigah Ji

Posted 03:28 PM, 28 Nov, 2021

ISPR releases first episode of new drama Sinf-e-Aahan

Posted 12:00 AM, 28 Nov, 2021

India or Pakistan? Sania Mirza tells whom she supports

Posted 11:49 PM, 27 Nov, 2021

Ertugul fame Gülsim Ali aka Aslihan Hatun looks flawless in Pakistani ...

Posted 11:08 PM, 27 Nov, 2021

Hareem Shah gives us winter fashion goals through Turkey updates 

Posted 01:04 PM, 27 Nov, 2021

Ayeza's EXQUISITE CINDERELLA photoshoot takes Nida Yasir's breath away

Posted 12:12 PM, 27 Nov, 2021

Aiman Khan misses the most handsome man she has ever seen

Posted 12:03 PM, 27 Nov, 2021

A look into Oxford student Malala Yousafzai's graduation festivities 

Posted 11:19 AM, 27 Nov, 2021

I didn't eat for almost 6 to 8 months: Mashal Khan 

Posted 11:11 AM, 27 Nov, 2021

Ertugrul actress Burcu Kiratli’s wedding ring worth 2.5m lira stolen

Posted 10:53 PM, 26 Nov, 2021

Saboor Aly delights fans in new bold dress

Posted 10:14 PM, 26 Nov, 2021

Netizens roast Shahveer Jafry for sharing intimate honeymoon pics, videos

Posted 10:05 PM, 26 Nov, 2021

Anushka’s latest sun-kissed photos leave Kohli in awe

Posted 09:21 PM, 26 Nov, 2021

Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas quash rift rumours with PDA filled pictures

Posted 09:15 PM, 26 Nov, 2021

Sinf-e-Aahan features a Sri Lankan actress as well

Posted 08:35 PM, 26 Nov, 2021

TikTok star Alishbah’s dance video goes viral

Posted 07:45 PM, 26 Nov, 2021

Alizeh Shah’s ‘kiss’ video leaves fans awestruck

Posted 07:40 PM, 26 Nov, 2021

Hania Aamir’s latest dance video breaks the internet

Posted 07:01 PM, 26 Nov, 2021

How she gets politicians’ personal numbers? Hareem Shah reveals it all

Posted 06:51 PM, 26 Nov, 2021

Paris Hilton, husband enjoy honeymoon in Bora Bora

Posted 02:28 AM, 26 Nov, 2021

You will get BLOWN AWAY by Hareem Shah's first-ever salary details 

Posted 03:07 PM, 25 Nov, 2021

Mahira, Kubra embarrass Usman Mukhtar through 'MOCK DANCE' 

Posted 02:57 PM, 25 Nov, 2021

Elder sister Sania Mirza's hilarious rendition of 'First Child Problems' 

Posted 02:27 PM, 25 Nov, 2021

Sunita Marshall reveals tales of husband's 'cheating acts'

Posted 12:41 PM, 25 Nov, 2021

Ayesha Omar schools Pakistani men to focus gaze on LITTER rather than WOMEN 

Posted 12:02 PM, 25 Nov, 2021

Shahveer Jafry's INTIMATE HONEYMOON GLIMPSES have fans hooked 

Posted 11:36 AM, 25 Nov, 2021

Iqra Aziz gets PECULIAR birthday wish from husband Yasir 

Posted 03:26 PM, 24 Nov, 2021

Netizen's wish for Ayesha Omar to be swallowed by crocodile 

Posted 02:30 PM, 24 Nov, 2021

Fans worried over Mawra looking sad during photoshoot with sister Urwa 

Posted 02:21 PM, 24 Nov, 2021

Reason behind Aymen Saleem's disappearance from screen revealed 

Posted 12:36 PM, 24 Nov, 2021

Farooq Sattar and Hareem Shah have conflicting views about their first meeting 

Posted 12:11 PM, 24 Nov, 2021

Ghana Ali blessed with baby girl 

Posted 11:33 AM, 24 Nov, 2021