No-confidence motions to be tabled in KP, Punjab assemblies: Zardari

By: News Desk
Published: 08:45 PM, 1 Dec, 2022
No-confidence motions to be tabled in KP, Punjab assemblies: Zardari
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Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari has made an announcement bringing no-confidence motions to the provincial assemblies of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“If Imran Khan dissolves the provincial assemblies, we will contest the election,” the former president said in a private TV channel interview

“We will contest the election, let's see how many seats Imran Khan wins. We have seats in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A few friends have been misled, they will be brought back." he added. 

Former prime minister Imran Khan’s party rule will have a tough time wheater he dissolves assemblies or not. To a query about snap polls, the ex-president said: "I don't think early elections suit us or democracy." 

Earlier in the ongoing year, Imran Khan was dismissed as prime minister after losing a no-confidence vote in parliament following weeks of political turmoil.

Since then, the cricketer-turned-politician has been on a campaign for snap polls to get back to the power corridor. His party is ruling in two provinces – KP and Punjab. He has been threatening to dissolve the assemblies to mount pressure on the federal government to hold snap polls.

Former president Asif Ali Zardari said the coalition partners are one for the supremacy of democracy. “Though snap polls don’t suit the democracy, we will contest if Imran Khan dissolves the assemblies.”

Imran Khan lost his majority in the 342-seat assembly through defections by coalition partners and members of his own party. He alleged the US concocted a plot to oust him from the PM House over his independent foreign policy – a claim the United States rejected categorically.

 Asif Ali Zardari said Imran Khan has nothing to do with politics and public service. Imran Khan was stopped from doing wrong decision, he said adding that had he not been stopped, his deeds would have cost the nation dear.

He added: “We are unafraid. We love our soil. We want to unite people and save the country. We want relations with all countries on the basis of equality. We don't want to spoil relations with any country.

“Imran Khan’s all claims and blames, including the cypher, are childish. Some things are better left unsaid. Regime change leads to the strengthening of democracy. Five PMs were changed in 3 years in the UK.

“Transferring the powers of the president to the prime minister was the vision of the PPP. This is our country and we don’t want to go anywhere.  The president is powerless and impeachment is premature.”

He continued: "I do not know the current army chief personally. I just knew Lt-Gen Amir personally.  The new army chief has been appointed on merit. The prime minister was entrusted with the authority to make the decision.

"The premier took the coalition partners into confidence over the matter. Former army chief Gen Bajwa never asked me for an extension. Despite ideological differences, Shahbaz Sharif cannot be left behind.

“There were some good and bad things in Gen Bajwa's doctrine. Bajwa Sahib never sat down and talked with us. Institutions made the right decision to remain apolitical.

"The media has become much more powerful than before. Imran Khan could not compete with PPP in Karachi. We have not been able to get power in Punjab for 30 years. We will get over our weaknesses in Punjab. The Nawab of Kalabagh has joined us and Imran Khan will face the Nawab in Mianwali.

“People say just one point, I understand the subject matter. The government did not try to create a narrative. The watch has been sold so it was his (Imran Khan’s) fault."

“We paid the price of vehicles and got them. I was convicted in the Tosha Khana case, the case is over now. If Imran Khan is to be held accountable, NAB will do it and if NAB does not take responsibility, it will have to answer.  Imran Khan is afraid of lizards. He can go to jail.”

The former president recalled: “During our rule, exports increased from 9 billion dollars to 19 billion dollars. If there was no conspiracy, it would not have been difficult for the exports to reach 30 billion dollars. The price of DAP has gone up from Rs1800 has become Rs12000. It takes time to improve the economy. Out-of-the-box thinking has to be done to improve the economy. I have been asking the government for 6 months to export sugar.”

He went on to say: “There are many differences in the coalition government. Winning or losing elections is part of democracy. We have to improve our economy.

"There are many other choices besides Parvez Elahi. We didn't buy votes. There was never any need to buy votes. Elections should be held on time. "I don't think that institutions will interfere in politics anymore. If Pakistan's exports increase, we will discuss trade with India in a different way. There is no risk of Pakistan defaulting. Defunct TTP is a big threat.  If Imran Khan improves his attitude, we will talk.”

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