Ali Zafar’s new PSL 2020 song got looted

By: News Desk      Published: 05:47 PM, 1 Mar, 2020
Ali Zafar’s new PSL 2020 song got looted

The new PSL 2020 anthem by sung by actor-singer Ali Zafar, Mela Loot Liya, leaked on YouTube ahead of the official release and fans are loving it. The new song has been in the top 5 Twitter trends Sunday morning with the hashtag #MelaLootLiya.

Ali Zafar took to Instagram to share the official poster of the new PSL 2020 anthem on Saturday and fans were super excited for the new song as the first official song did not really impress the fans who in their reactions tore it apart.

Ali Zafar made a follow-up video post on Instagram saying that he had received an overwhelming response from fans and even asked them to send their dancing videos to be a part of the new song.

The singer also revealed that Mela Loot Liya will be released by Sunday evening but it ended up leaking on YouTube hours before the scheduled official release.

The singer conveyed this to all his fans via a video log on his Twitter feed, saying that wait for the PSL song is over as Sunday has come up with the new song which would be released soon.

“What a Sunday is this with sun shining overhead and birds murmuring and spring season all round!” he said, adding another thing is in the offing and that is the promised video-referring to the new PSL song.

Ali Zafar credited the masses for extending him immense support that allowed him to prepare a video within a short span of six days. “It all happened due to the love and passion of the people,” he said.

He also extended apology towards his fans for not including some of their video logs in his song and said that it was not possible to go through all of them due to the short span of time.

“Keep waiting for Mela Loot Liya to be released very soon,” an enthusiastic Ali Zafar said at the end of his video message.

Many social media users’ were of the view that Ali Zafar’s PSL anthem was far better than the current anthem Tayyar Hain.