12m people lost jobs in Pakistan alone due to coronavirus: Sarwar

12m people lost jobs in Pakistan alone due to coronavirus: Sarwar
Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar.–File photo

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said that all out efforts are being made by the PTI government to protect all segments of the society from coronavirus.

Talking to various delegations, which called on him at Governor’s House on Friday, he said the government was taking steps to tackle the looming economic challenges. He said that all political and religious parties should play their role in the fight against coronavirus and economic meltdown in the country. The masses should take all precautionary measures to stay protected from the fatal coronavirus, he said.

The governor was of the view that coronavirus was not the issue of one person or political party, but the entire nation, so it was high time that all Pakistanis join hands and defeat it.

Asserting that this is not the time to play politics, Chaudhry Sarwar said all political and religious parties should create awareness and educate the masses about protective measures. He regretted that the coronavirus pandemic had caused a severe economic crisis across the globe and some 12 million people lost jobs in Pakistan alone.

Being cognizant of the ground realities, he said, the federal and Punjab governments were taking all possible measures to help the jobless people besides providing them ration to survive through these testing times.

The governor said that he himself, in collaboration with the Punjab Development Network consisting of over 60 welfare organisations, was working day in and day out to provide ration to some 500,000 poor families. He said that supply of ration to people had been sped up so that poor masses could get eatables well in time. The PTI government is standing by people in these hard times, he maintained.