‘Once Upon A Virus’ Chinese video mocks US for Covid-19 blame game

By: News Desk      Published: 11:53 AM, 1 May, 2020
‘Once Upon A Virus’ Chinese video mocks US for Covid-19 blame game

As the Trump administration is blaming China for the coronavirus pandemic, a Chinese state media outlet has released an animated comedy video to mock the United States' coronavirus response and Washington’s claims of an initial COVID-19 cover-up by Beijing.

The video shows that the US didn’t take the virus seriously and instead continued declaring China a liar, while becoming a victim of the pandemic at the end.

The video is titled “Once Upon A Virus” on the pattern of classic Hollywood movie “Once Upon A Time In America” and more recently released “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”.

Given the tension between the two countries over issue, the Chinese embassy in France shared this video in a tweet.

The US is represented in the video by a Statue of Liberty figurine, as it did not heed warnings from the Chinese government that the novel coronavirus was dangerous.

The Newsweek in a report describes the video is detail, as when China reported "strange pneumonia cases”, a logo for the WHO (World Health Organisation) replies, "roger that".

But when China then proclaims that it has "discovered a new virus," the US response is, "so what?"

The video goes on to say the US called the temporary hospital built by the Chinese government "a concentration camp" and that the lockdown measures the communist country implemented was "barbaric" and "a violation of human rights".

Later in the video, China says COVID-19 was overwhelming the country’s medical system, to which the US responds "look how backward China is." Then China says, "The virus is killing doctors," prompting America figurine to respond, "Typical Third World".

The video also mocks President Trump directly using his assertion made at a rally as China in the video says that the novel coronavirus is now airborne and the Americaresponds, "It will magically go away in April".

The video concludes with America stating that the US "did nothing for three months" and is cutting funding to the WHO because the group "agrees with China”.

After pointing out contradictions made by America, which stated that while the virus was not dangerous "millions of Chinese are dead", China responds saying, "That's what I love about you Americans – your consistency."

According to Newsweek, the White House did not respond when it was contacted for comments on the video.