Senior journalists concerned over concealing TLP-govt deal details

By: News Desk      Published: 04:52 AM, 1 Nov, 2021
Senior journalists concerned over concealing TLP-govt deal details

Senior journalists and analysts have reservations about keeping secret the details of a deal sealed by the government and TLP. During 24NewsHD TV channel programme – DNA –  Salim Bokhari, Iftikhar Ahmad and Javed Iqbal said the calling off protest would provide the people with little relief.

Iftikhar Ahmed questioned why the public reps kept the details of the deal secret from the public.  Salim Bokhari said such type of politics can put Pakistan in trouble at the international level and such situations might result in the plight of the people in Tunisia and Libya in Arabia.

He said at the request of the Ulema, the PM expelled two of his most important ministers and an adviser from the meeting. The government has accepted the demands of TLP letting it participate in mainstream politics, it is observed in the debate that further added the full and existing agreement will be strictly enforced.

If the Prime Minister is still not blackmailed, then it is a matter of surprise that the frivolous statements and incompetence of the government and its ministers have made the situation as bad as it is if the security agencies If not controlled, there would be more chaos. PJ Mir said the Rangers were called at the behest of the Prime Minister and they were trying to avoid extreme measures through dialogue and reconciliation.

Javed Iqbal said that the government did not have the capacity to deal with emergencies. What is the guarantee that the government will abide by the agreement and what is the guarantee that TLP will pursue positive politics in the future by avoiding sit-ins and sieges? After its political role, this party was used as in the last election and as the third-largest party, against whom will it be used in the next election?

The panel also discussed the referendum on the establishment of Khalistan by the Sikhs in the United Kingdom. There will be not one but twenty-six pieces. At Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, 50,000 Sikhs took part in the Khalistan referendum and not only the Khalistan flag was hoisted but also a map of independent Khalistan was presented. There are movements.