I never faced harassment throughout my career in showbiz: Javeria Abbasi 

By: News Desk      Published: 05:22 PM, 1 Sep, 2020
I never faced harassment throughout my career in showbiz: Javeria Abbasi 

Javeria Abbasi is one of the finest TV actresses of all time. She earned a lot of love and respect for her tremendous work as an actress. She is well known for her brilliant acting skills in both the television and film industry.

In an interview, she spoke about her career and success. Speaking about the drama serials content, she said: “I feel we have less good writers that’s the reason we always show same content. Most of the new writers don’t have exposure. If a drama gets hit we start following that storyline.”

She further added, “Ertugrul has taken the internet by storm and Pakistani audience has loved it but instead of making a serial like them most of our writers start to copy their culture. We need to make our own content. Pakistan has a rich culture which our youth is still unaware of.”

Speaking about sexual harassment, Javeria said: “Since my career in the entertainment industry I never faced an issue of harassment. I was 17 years old when I started my career in showbiz. I was married at that time. All the directors and producers have treated me like their own daughter. Even if you talk about my co-stars they have supported me a lot.”

Speaking about nepotism in the industry, the actress said: “There are insiders who can be kind and generous, and outsiders who are punitive egomaniacs. In the nascent phase of my career, I was often ''cut to size'' by outsiders.

“It took me all my strength to recover from various forms of subtle sabotage. But this is not about me. The tragic part is that everyone here has experienced a version of this,” she added.

When asked is it difficult for aspiring girls to join showbiz, to which she replied, “If you have talent then you don’t need anyone. Your talent will speak that’s all. My whole family members work in showbiz and everyone is happy.”