Electricity rates likely to go up Rs1.37 per unit

By: News Desk      Published: 07:10 PM, 1 Sep, 2021
Electricity rates likely to go up Rs1.37 per unit

The government is likely to raise the electricity bills Rs1.37 per unit as NEPRA has completed the hearing in the head of the fuel adjustment case on Wednesday.

According to the 24News HD TV channel, after an increase in the electricity prices, the power consumers would face more burden of Rs21 billion.

The electricity would be made more expensive in the context of the monthly fuel adjustment of the last month of July 2021.

The new tariff of electricity would not hit the agriculture sector and K-Electric consumers while the consumers using less than 300 units per month would also remain exempted from it.

The power consumers would pay additional charges of the said fuel adjustment in their next month bills

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) would issue a detailed decision later.

While the NEPRA chairman said that they would not give adjustments on the closed power plants. He confirmed that the CPPA had asked for backdates adjustment of Rs1.5 billion that would impact 10 paisas per unit.

The NEPRA chairman said the authority had received a deficit of Rs102 million in July that would bear the NTDC itself.

He said due to the rise in LPG prices, they got an extra burden of Rs9.60 billion. He also confirmed that they had repaired the electricity supply system so load shedding would not be held in the months of July and August in future.

Reporter: Awais Kiyani

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