Imran Khan was bitterly critical of Pak Army, says Shehbaz

By: News Desk      Published: 12:06 AM, 2 Aug, 2021
Imran Khan was bitterly critical of Pak Army, says Shehbaz

Calling Prime Minister Imran Khan an unfortunate person, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Shehbaz Sharif has said Imran Khan used the worst words against the Pak Army.

“In his books, addresses to public gatherings and press conferences, Imran Khan bitterly critical of the Army hurting the sentiments of the nation and the families of martyrs, he said during a private television programme Sunday evening.

He was responding to queries about PML-N’s hardline narrative and ex-PM Nawaz Sharif’s tirade against the military.

He stressed the need for learning from the past and shunning mutual differences to rebuild Pakistan as envisaged by the Father of the Nation.

Talking about the 1999 rifts between Gen Musharaf and Nawaz Sharif, he took swipe at the ex-president for inflicting huge loss upon the country.

Gen Musharraf offered the premiership to him, Shehbaz said adding that for a patriot like him, such offers meant nothing.

He categorically denied reports of his stepping down as party president, saying: “The PML-N is a family and Nawaz is it,s custodian”.

Commenting on the oft-repeated reports of a deal with the government for letting ex-premier Nawaz Sharif go to London, he said Nawaz Sharif was in jail and was later shifted to the hospital due to his deteriorating health and these facilities were within the jurisdiction of the government.

He said government officials and PTI leaders have been hurling derogatory remarks against Kalsoom Nawaz while she was suffering from cancer in a London hospital.

About reconciliation and political deals, the former Punjab chief minister insisted that national interest must be a priority.

In the country, politicians have been used, he said, adding that political harmony is need of the hour. For the sake of national interest, the political parties must shun mutual differences and egoism and join hands for bringing in prosperity, he stressed.

The former Punjab chief minister listed his feats he achieved after going through consultation, saying that he always go for talks to get public issues fixed.

Had the proper strategy been devised, the PML-N could have been in power corridor, he said. Time has come when national harmony is a must to cope with challenge the country has been facing today.

He came down hard on the PTI for badly failing to deliver. Inflation is rampant while sugar and flour cartels are busy with money-making.

He recalled his party rule when, according to him, power generation began, farmers were being facilitated, people were being providing relief but the present government did nothing but to settings record of price hikes.  "A common person prefers buying medicine for a child to one-time meal for other children as it becomes difficult to make both end meet now.

He questioned as to why PTI chairman failed to keep his word. Imran Khan made promises to get votes and after being elected, he forgot the voters, Shehbaz said. .