Eye redness, itchy skin, fall of hairs are key symptoms of omicron: experts

Published: 08:01 PM, 2 Jan, 2022
Eye redness, itchy skin, fall of hairs are key symptoms of omicron: experts
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American medical experts have considered red eyes and itchy skin to be important symptoms of the Omicron variant. 

According to media reports, American experts recently conducted a study as attempts were made to find out the symptoms of omicron and coronavirus, during which the research team collected information from people affected by the virus and obtained information about the changes taking place in their bodies.

According to experts, the data showed that the majority of the people who were recently diagnosed with omicron or other variants did not show any conventional symptoms such as fever, difficulty breathing, cold, body aches and headaches, only 3 per cent of the patients did. 

According to experts, coronavirus, after entering the body, converts to enzyme 2 and infects the eyes and especially the retina, causing redness in the eyes. There are complaints of dryness, itching and swelling in the eyes. 

Experts from the American Academy of Dermatology Association said the study also found some evidence that a person's hair falls out rapidly because of the omicron variant. The newly discovered variant of coronavirus can put the greatest effect on the human scalp and then the hair begins to fall out. 

Researchers said that during the first six months, the hair falls out a lot, while in the ninth month, this process stops. And then the hair growth starts again like before. 

In addition, experts said that people who were diagnosed with omicron also complained of skin disease or itching.