Ushna Shah speaks up in support of Shahroze Shabzwari

By: News Desk      Published: 02:12 PM, 2 Jun, 2020
Ushna Shah speaks up in support of Shahroze Shabzwari

Ushna Shah has always been very vocal with her thoughts. Whatever she feels like, the woman opens up on social media about it, and without sugar coating stuff, in a means to make her voice be heard by millions who matter.

From talking about Ramzan transmissions and seasonal Muslims to snubbing undue agitations that come her way, Ushna does everything right on spot and in a fearless manner.

This time, Ushna Shah has come forward in support of actor Shahroz Sabzwari.

Taking to Twitter, Ushna Shah wrote: “Trolling the father of her child was not a service to an ex-wife. What good did bullying the wife & reducing the husband to make videos defending his personal matter do? It belittled our industry. Imagine the toll this took on 3 families, that too during a pandemic. Shame.”

Earlier, sharing the video on Instagram, Shahroz curtly stated, “The only reason I am recording this video is to defend my family and myself, something I have a right to. Whatever is being said about my family, about me, I shall guard with my last breath, because I am a righteous man.”

He continued, “I stand before my God, the Holy Book and my Prophet (PBUH) and vow that the separation between Syra and I happened in August 2019. The reason for the said separation was never a woman. Sadaf was never a reason for our separation, neither was infidelity.”

Shahroz further added, “Whoever is claiming that the reason for our failed marriage was me cheating on Syra, should come forward with proofs. I challenge that person to.”

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