Ahsan Khan comes to Ghana Ali’s defence

By: News Desk      Published: 01:16 PM, 2 Jun, 2021
Ahsan Khan comes to Ghana Ali’s defence
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Pakistani television actress Ghana Ali Raza has been receiving endless criticism over her marriage as according to the netizen community she has indulged in an act of extreme selfishness because her husband already has a wife and son.

Ghana Ali Raza is a Pakistani television, film and theatre actress but she is well known for her work in TV dramas. She has earned success with a lead role in the drama serial Sangdil.

The trolls are super enraged over Ghana Ali’s matrimonial choices, she is being labelled a ‘home-wrecker’ and brutally lambasted for marrying a man who is ‘over-weight’.

It is no crime to be ‘fat’ so the criticism piling up over Ghana’s spouse being over-weight should be labelled the epitome of ‘shallowness’. 

Recently a very ‘feeble’ attack from a fellow social media user managed to crack us up over its utter ‘stupidity’:

A netizen congratulated the actress and then asked her if her husband is expecting.

We believe this comment made Ghana boil up as she responded with equal hostility: “No honey your brain probably is”.

However this situation attracted a desirable turning of events as Pakistani actor Ahsan Khan came to Ghana Ali Raza’s defence:

“What a shameful comment for Ghana Ali and her husband. All the love and respect for both of you dear, stay blessed!” 

It is the height of career unity when members of the same unit come about to support each other. 

Also would just like to highlight the fact that stooping as low as some people to attack someone publicly just for the sake of it is a form of feeble and cowardly confrontation, also it is one of the most dominant traits of insecure individuals.

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