Emotional Shaan Shahid talks about bond between father and daughter

By: News Desk      Published: 02:02 PM, 2 Jun, 2021
Emotional Shaan Shahid talks about bond between father and daughter
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Pakistani actor, producer and model Armaghan Shahid most commonly known as Shaan Shahid takes immense pride in being the father of four daughters and never fails to emphasise that daughters are the prime example of God’s truest form of blessings on Earth.

The versatile actor indulges in sharing pictures with his family on a frequent basis which speaks volumes about how he keeps family on a rather high pedestal.

This time Shaan shared a picture with one of his daughters over Twitter and included a heart-warming caption with the equally touching post, “The most beautiful bond is of a father and a daughter. Daughters are the most special gift of the ALMIGHTY. They make a house in your heart and live there till eternity. May the daughters of the world stay blessed always”. 

Well that is absolutely correct Shaan. May your father-daughter bond keep on blooming and thriving! 

Filmstar Shaan Shahid has recently turned 50 years old yet by keeping his appearance on-point the film actor has managed to look much younger than his actual age.

Well age is just a number, right?

Here are some of Shaan’s ‘family moments’.