Kahin Deep Jalay Ep32: Shameela continues to create troubles for Rida 

By: News Desk
Published: 02:37 PM, 2 May, 2020
Kahin Deep Jalay Ep32: Shameela continues to create troubles for Rida 
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Kahin Deep Jalay is a drama that revolves mainly around sibling love started on a happy note with a loving family, but things took a bitter turn in the story as Shameela enters the household with her heart filled with envy for the family, particularly for Rida.

Starring Neelum Munir, Imran Ashraf, Ali Abbas, Nazish Jahangir, and Hammad Farooqui in pivotal roles, the drama portrays how an evil mind brings destruction to a happy family.

With a focus on Shameela’s bitterness against Rida, last night’s episode showed how she advanced her evil schemes.

Rida is too naïve to understand Shameela’s intentions, and she uses that to her advantage to plot against her. Her purpose is to make Hatim hate her sister, and Hatim is too gullible, which means she is easily able to make him believe whatever lies she feeds him with.

Shameela knows how to manipulate situations and turn them in her favor, and hence, until now, she is able to get away with anything she does.

Yesterday’s episode also revolved around one of Shameela’s schemes against Rida. She messages Touqeer from Rida’s phone, asking him to meet at the medical store.

Tactfully she sends Rida and the maid to the store, and when Touqeer is there, she sends Hatim to the store too. Although Hatim did not see the two together, she is still able to put the blame on Rida by making the maid confess about the meeting in front of Hatim.

Hatim believes because of how Shameela paints the situation and confronts Rida, who had already told about it to her mother. Her mother understands that Shameela is up to no good, but she is unable to make Hatim understand it.

Overall, it was a decent episode with new developments in the story. The performances of all the actors in Kahin Deep Jalay are on-point, and each of them justifies their character.

Particularly in the last intense scene, Saba Faisal and Hammad Farooqui did an amazing job. The preview of the next episode is enticing, and it seems like it will be the beginning of Shameela’s undoing.