‘Baba’ Aamir Liaquat already predicted Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari will get hitched

By: News Desk
Published: 12:39 PM, 2 May, 2021
‘Baba’ Aamir Liaquat already predicted Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari will get hitched
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The esteemed ‘Baba’ of Pakistan Aamir Liaquat who is also considered to be the ‘King of controversies’ sometimes gets condemned for attempting ‘brainless antics’ however it should be noted that the Pakistani television host also has moments of extreme intelligence. 

It is no secret that Pakistani actress Saboor Aly and Pakistani actor Ali Ansari have now mounted on a blissful journey as fiancés. The Pakistani public is absolutely thrilled and so are we!

However, if we dive deep and notice some complex intricateness of Aamir Liaquat’s mostly foolish but sometimes wise conversations, it is apparent that he has already hinted at the couple deciding to get engaged soon.

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This is a wise observation on Aamir’s part as before the couple’s engagement they were never seen casually hanging out other than work.

In a show Jeeway Pakistan Aamir Liaquat is hosting which the couple attended before their engagement, an entertaining conversation was stirred on Ali’s ex Mashal Khan.

Aamir who clearly guessed that there is something going on between Saboor and Ali decided to shower a few of his ‘clever’ phrases to suit the occasion. 

He said: “You were going into a cave with a ‘Light’ (Mashal) in your hands, you dropped the ‘Light’ (Mashal) but you will keep on going because you have ‘Patience’ (Sabr/Saboor) with you”.

Voila! What an exact declaration of events.

The best part? When these phrases were uttered out, both the actors didn’t deny or disapprove.

Ali Ansari with his ex Mashal Khan (File photo).

They just kept quiet and we know that silence can entail anything. Right?

Well in this case, the actors kept quiet because they obviously agreed with Aamir’s little game of guessing however they couldn’t exactly show their approval as we believe they wanted their engagement to come as a surprise.

What a wonderful surprise Ali and Saboor. Congratulations!

Here is one of Aamir’s very ‘wise’ moments. Have a look at Aamir revealing the couple's secret:

Saboor Aly is a 26-year-old Pakistani actress and the younger sister of a highly renowned Pakistani diva Sajal Aly.

Saboor made an entry to the showbiz industry with a supporting role in a drama called Mehmoodabad Ki Malkain however she is yet to gain proper recognition for her talents. 

Ali Ansari is a 33-year-old Pakistani actor, model, musician and video jockey.

Ali made his debut as a television actor in the television series Riffat Aapa Ki Bahuein.