Azlan Shah – Pakistani Youtuber who makes videos with wild animals

By: News Desk
Published: 01:28 PM, 2 Nov, 2020
Azlan Shah – Pakistani Youtuber who makes videos with wild animals
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Karachi’s Azlan Shah has become a social media sensation and won hearts with the videos he makes with wild animals.

But it's not the just the big cats he shares a special bond with. He has rescued a Hyena, monitor lizards, snakes and also released them back into the wild.

In a video which went viral, he was chosen to represent as Pakistan animal lover in a collaboration with the world famous animal enthusiasts.

It doesn't end here. Another video of his went viral in India and was shared on their news channels too. Azlan has rescued stray cats, dogs, donkeys and is mostly seen raising his voice for animal rights. He has visited many zoos and private farms and always monitoring whether adequate safety measures and a healthy environment is being provided for the animals.

In a recent interactive talk with the Governor of Sindh Imran Ismail, he proposed to stop dog killings and suggested that a method to neuter, vaccinate and release them should be applied.

Although Azlan is a natural when it comes to taming Lions whether they are kept in captivity or already in the wild, his views and principles are unshaken.

Azlan believes that exotic animals belong to the wild and doesn't recommend keeping them as a pet unless there being rescued at a vulnerable stage and if releasing them back in the wild causes more harm than raising them in captivity.

His future plan is to visit Africa and volunteer at Kruger National Park. His passion for exotic animals is only getting stronger.

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