Actress Azekah Daniel’s kind heart SINKS her millions

By: News Desk
Published: 12:23 PM, 3 Aug, 2021
Actress Azekah Daniel’s kind heart SINKS her millions
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Actress Azekah Daniel has come forward with an amusing revelation which we are sure many of us are guilty of and that is: ‘I forget after giving money’.

However the Pakistani star has also shed light on an appalling yet humorous incident.

Miss Daniel was once double-crossed and very BADLY.

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A crew member from the production team approached Azekah and asked for help as his son was facing a terrible ailment and had an open-heart surgery the next day.

Therefore Azekah’s colleague needed URGENT money.

Also he was standing right outside the actress’ house.

Such urgency? 

However Azekah ending up giving the amount to the ‘poor’ crew member.

We are about to reveal something stupendously traitorous which might even shock you too.

The next day Azekah Daniel came to know that the relevant crew member has left his job and went for his honeymoon in the northern areas.

Now that’s an example of INTENSE ‘double-crossing’ however the incident is worth a laugh. Isn’t it?

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