Abdullah Qureshi apologises for messaging ‘random’ girls

By: News Desk      Published: 04:11 PM, 2 Aug, 2021
Abdullah Qureshi apologises for messaging ‘random’ girls

Pakistani singer Abdullah Qureshi has decided to come forward with the admittance of various ‘unacceptable’ actions which he now regrets.

Singer Qureshi has taken to his Instagram handle to make everyone know that he is a changed man now.

In a written apology, Abdullah dwells upon his drinking problem however the main concern he had was to admit his habit of messaging ‘randoms’.

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But now the singer says that having a daughter made him stop doing that.

Qureshi further reveals that he has already discussed the matter in great detail with his wife and everything is settled between them.

The singer offers an apology to each person that he has hurt.

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Also, Abdullah reveals that this issue has already affected his career and he doesn’t want his daughter to be affected from this in any way.