University girls fight over boyfriend

By: News Desk      Published: 12:57 PM, 3 Dec, 2020
University girls fight over boyfriend

There is always a cut-throat competition when two people dearly love to get a thing which can’t be replicated, be it a job opportunity or political office or property. But what can happen when the desired item is a human, not some lifeless material object or position?

Well! The intensity of the clash can reach alarming proportions when you fighting for a boy or girl, just like the two girls seen in a video going viral on social media. Meanwhile, these are not some strangers, they are close university friends.

It happened at a university campus where one of the girls launched a tirade against the other who is sitting on a bench. Obviously, she could not hide her feelings – hate for the competing girl and the love for the boyfriend, Talat, who is not present at the scene.

At first, the angry girl limited herself to a verbal attack, repeating, “Don’t you feel ashamed?” But soon the fury overwhelmed her as she slapped the competitor on her face. In response, she stood up and tried to push her.

We exactly don’t know what happened after that or what is happening right now between the two or among the triangle. However, one of the persons present there couldn’t stop filming the episode which you are watching here.